Sexing An Angel? Question

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  1. IceForever Valued Member Member

    Some people were saying once they start to mature sexually, you can tell if you take a close look at their papilla, I think? Sorry if that’s the wrong word lol...but I really have nothing to compare it to and no other experience other than Raat.

    Can anyone tell me if I’ve been incorrectly calling this thing a dude?:emoji_sob::emoji_joy::emoji_joy::emoji_joy:

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  2. Crispii Well Known Member Member

    Sorry, but I do not know the sex of your angelfish.

    For sure way to sex angels: Get a breeding pair of angels. Both angels will show their papilla and the females will have a more rounder papilla than the males.
  3. IceForever Valued Member Member

    Oh ok so they have to be spawning to see it well enough to sex?

    Thanks for your reply :)
  4. Crispii Well Known Member Member