Sex my current Angelfish, 2nd Angelfish?

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I am looking to upgrade my 20H which currently homes my Golden Marbel super veil tail, at least that's what I think he is.

Any idea what sex my current Angel is?

I like the footprint of a 45 that I saw the other day in the LFS as it's still pretty tall. I'm also considering a 55 hex tank, I like the idea of a smaller footprint and being able to really layer the fish.

What about adding another Angel? I would do it at the time of upgrade so as to avoid territory issues with the new resident.

What are the chances of them getting aggressive with each other or the other tank mates? Would they become very aggressive towards their tank mates if they bred? My pair of Cribs got really badly aggressive and I do not want that again! Are they as fiercely protective as Cribs?

I quite like a tank with lots of little fish around a center piece or 2 so would probably fill the tank as much as possible, I don't mind the extra maintenance work involved and the tank will be HEAVILY planted. This may increase the chance of aggression due to a more crowded tank though i'm thinking.


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First of all you did a great job, while clicking its picture. Its a pretty clear picture I must say. I bet your angelfish loves the camera & its pretty...

I would like to tell you that your angel is pretty small, so it is hard to judge the gender. I guess its age is between 4 to 7 months. At this stage it is not possible to have a guess. 100% gender detection can only be done when they are laying eggs. I guess you have only 1 angel fish, so I cannot judge with his/her behavior as well. But still I will make a guess for you, hmmm I guess its a female (fingers crossed and puts a quarter in the jar). Just guessing...

You can add another angelfish without a problem, a companion is always good. If the tank is heavily crowded, yes angels do get aggressive. As angelfish are territorial and they do not live in groups. If you have multiple angel fish, a pair in the tank will attack other angelfish and keep them away from their territory as they are territorial. However, the male will change his female from time to time. But I think 2 angelfish in 45 g wouldn't be a problem.

If you have other species then it may cause a problem during breeding, etc. If you have 2 males, they will fight for territory and mind their own business. If you get 2 females, one of the female will act as a male and they will eggs, etc. However the eggs won't get fertilized and die (become white).

Yes angels do become very aggressive with everyone in the tank when they breed and lay eggs. A pair sometimes attach each other as well. They also become aggressive with humans, when I try to feed my angel fish, they jump out of water to get a piece of me. So I have to be careful while feeding them. When a pair is raising a fry, one of them guard the babies 1 at a time, if the other one tired.

Regarding heavily planted tank, I had a heavily planted tank and I raised around 6 angelfish successfully out of 8 to adulthood. The week ones use to hide behind trees, etc. So when you plant trees, make sure that you plant them in such a way that the plants will beak the line of sight. Which will reduce the aggression, between angelfish and other fish. So heavily planting the aquarium will not be a bad idea, infact it will be good. However, make sure they can go through the plants and have enough of hiding spots, etc.
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I'd say female too. But angels are hard to sex unless you see them breeding.
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I don't know but its stunning!
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Thanks for the replies. He is only about 4 months old still but has grown very fast.

He gets on well in his current tank, except at dinner time when he gets a little frisky. The rest of his tank mates are wise to his game so they get their food pretty quickly. Other than that it's a very peaceful tank, which is what I am going for.

His fins and especially his tail seem to be getting longer and longer. Is this a trait of the super veiltail?
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Yes, your angel is growing nicely. I have seen super veils that grow wide and other that get so long, and thin, that they take on a ribbon appearance.

If you do decide to get another angel, your best best is to get the same sex. And, unless you purchase adults, it is hit or miss. Either way, get the 2nd angel sooner than later. It can be quite difficult adding an unwelcomed angel to an established tank.
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She looks female to me as well. She's beautiful!
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@ backflipfronflip, Yes it is a super veil tail. When she will grow 1.5 years at truth me, you are going to love her a lot and she will be even more prettier.
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Angels are hard to sex when not spawning but I would guess it is a female because males normally have a larger bump area on the forehead. Now during spawning the male will have a shorter more pointed sex appendage and the female will have a larger more flattened or blunt appendage.

I keep 12 to 15 Angels in my 125 gallon tank all the time and they do get very aggressive when they pair up. The aggression is easily squelched by removing the eggs from the tank. This will normally calm things down for a few weeks or until another pair decided it is time to spawn.

So far all I have ever done is feed the eggs to my other fish but I am getting set up to try my hand at raising a few fry myself. I am currently looking for a few more used 20 to 30 gallon tanks before I try to hatch and raise them. I could use a few of my Molly fry tanks but I prefer not to because then I would have to crowd my Molly fry and they help me subsidize my hobby by selling them to my local fish store.

I took over my wife’s exercise room due to lack of use and turned it into a fish room. It is funny how things work out, no pun intended LOL, she now makes more use of the room than she ever did before I put fish in it. Guess it is a fish workout room. Any ways it still has some room for a few more tanks without doing a total rebuild which isn’t out of the question.

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