Severum Or Firemouth With Angels????

Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by spartanfish, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. spartanfish

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    Hi folks-

    I'm getting a 55 gallon set up. I know for sure that I will be moving one male and one female angel I've had in a 29 gallon for more than a year into the bigger tank. They've outgrown that 29 and need a bigger space.

    I really would like to put a severum or firemouth in the 55 gallon with them. What are your thoughts? Has anyone tried mixing these species? Would I be totally insane to try to mix all three? I had a severum as a kid, and he was a pretty gentle giant.

    I would love to hear your stories.
  2. Pictusboss

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    I believe a 55 would be too small for that many big, aggressive species. The firemouth in particular worries me.
  3. bizaliz3

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    Personally I don't think so. But I have never tried it. And I wouldn't try it either. I feel like the angels are too dainty to be with the more aggressive severums and firemouths. But angels are aggressive too. And some can hold their own!!

    Me personally, while angels are cichlids, I choose not to keep them with any other larger cichlids. I think it would be trial and error though. Maybe it will work maybe not depending on the personality of ALL the fish. I just feel like it has a better chance of going south than it does actually working successfully.

    If you DO give it a try, like with a severum for instance, get a small one that isn't so small that the angels would harass it, but still smaller than them. And maybe if it grows up with them, it would work out. I have seen some pretty aggressive severum stories. But I know they can be pretty chill too. It varies fish to fish.

    BUT, I do feel like that would be a little cramped.....
  4. Redshark1

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    They are all territorial fish so to coexist each would need its own territory which it can defend. The fish would therefore need a very large aquarium and would need to be equally matched which is very tricky to achieve.