Severum Numbers In 500l/130 Gallon Question

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  1. CraiginWales Valued Member Member

    Hi guys
    I have a 5ft 500l/130g Severum tank.
    I currently have 8 & they’re starting to get to a size where I need to thin them out.
    How many adult Severums can fit comfortably in a 130g along with a few Pictus, Denison Barbs & a pair of Acaras. Thanks

  2. Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    Giving this a bump up for you hope you get some responses today

  3. A201 Well Known Member Member

    It's easy to go a little bit overboard stocking when one comes across a very cool species of fish like Severums, I've done it.
    Your 130 gal. tank could hold the entire group of Severums, with proper water management, but it wouldn't be a very diverse display. If a breeding pair of Severum is your goal, then simply keep the best pair. If you only like the look and coloration of Severums, keep the best looking male, or males. I keep an all male African Cichlid tank. It works well, no breeding aggression.
    Since you like Denison Barbs, you might add five or six Odessa Barbs. They go together in a good way, a good mix of color. You can't really lose with Electric Blue Acaras. Good luck with the tank & be sure to post pics.

  4. CraiginWales Valued Member Member

    Thanks. I have a breeding pair of red spotted I definitely want to keep. Want some variety though. The red tigers are colouring up beautifully. Are Odessas a bit nippy? The Denison were recommended as the only barb that was peaceful & didn’t nip at fins.
  5. A201 Well Known Member Member

    I've kept both Denisons & Odessas in the past. The Odessa's coloration is stunning. They aren't nippy towards other species. The males actively chase the females around the tank in the mornings. Very entertaining to watch. Odessas aren't rare, but are somewhat uncommon. Keeping them will give you some bragging rights. Lol.
  6. CraiginWales Valued Member Member

    Thanks. I’ve changed my mind lol. I think I’ll be keeping the nicest males, like you suggested. That’ll be a red shoulder, red spotted, red tiger & a gold. That should be fine shouldn’t it? And get some Odessas. Thanks for your advice
  7. A201 Well Known Member Member

    I think that will be a display to be proud of.
  8. CCinBama Valued Member Member

    Wow...I’m super jealous! Would love to see pics of your tank! (before and after you thin out). I’ve been trying to find a red shouldered sev for a while now. Temps here in mid 90s lately, I’m too scared to have one shipped. On another note, Odessa‘s are gorgeous! I wanted to get some to put with my sev but was told the Barbs being Asian, they need different h20 parameters than my sev and EB acara. I may have to start a new thread so somebody can tell me this is wrong and I can go get some!!
  9. A201 Well Known Member Member

    I successfully kept Odessa Barbs in my very hard Oklahoma water w/ PH over 8, together with several varieties of soft water, low PH loving South American Tetras. No problems.
    One important note, its been my experience that Odessas don't do well in water warmer than 78 degrees.
    No worries regarding Odessa Barbs.
  10. CraiginWales Valued Member Member

    I’m in the middle of
    I’m in the middle of giving the tank a major Spring clean but as soon as it’s done I’ll post some pics.
    I’m very lucky to live in Wales, U.K. Our water is naturally soft & slightly acidic.
  11. CraiginWales Valued Member Member

    Not finished the major clean yet. Few more rocks, plants & the other fish to go in but as promised. My mates been helping me & recalculated volume, it’s 5ft 160G not 120G (my math sucks)    
  12. Squidgy New Member Member

    Hi there

    I read somewhere that you can increase your livestock by using oversized filtration. So for a 500lt tank, having filtration capable of 750lts +.

    A rule of thumb that i,ve stuck with over the years is with oversized filtration you can stock upto 115% based on an original stocking calculatiion of 1lt = 1cm

    500lts = 500cm of stock (when adults I might add) with the extra filtration = 575cm

    Has made me wonder though as severums are quite deep boddied compared to others, in which case should you revert back to the original calc of 1lt = 1cm with the extra filtration?

    Anyway the amount of livestock v's volume has always been a big debate, just thought I would share my thoughts. Great desplay by the way.
  13. CraiginWales Valued Member Member

    Thanks. It does have a lot of filtration. 2 Fluval 406 & a large in tank Fluval filter for extra circulation. I could probably get away with keeping them all.
  14. Coptapia Well Known Member Member

    Neither do Denison Barbs. A bit of a temperature mismatch between them and Heros who prefer it warmer for breeding.

    Most Barbs are not nippy. They’ve all been tainted by the reputation of Tiger Barbs when they’re not given enough room. Most species are fine with severums and make good community fish.
  15. CraiginWales Valued Member Member

    It’s at 76 & the Severums are still breeding so everyone’s happy.
  16. Coptapia Well Known Member Member

    It’s right at the upper limit for denisonii. They’ll be ok but their lifespan will be shorter than if they were kept cooler.
  17. Squidgy New Member Member

    Thats exactly why I though it would be good to share with you, would be good to keep them all, they are great looking fish
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