Severe issues, dying fish, help!


Another sick guppy, but can't find any matching symptoms online?

Guppies remaining:6

5g (won't be overstocked for much longer, sister is taking some of them)
78° constant temp
PH 8.2
Nitrites 0
ammonia 0
nitrates 10(finally got it to have nitrates! =) )

Weve been losing fish so often I'm almost desensitized, but this is just sad.

hes unable to eat. Healthy until just a few days ago. Symptoms are as follows:

lethargic, but will swim to try to eat
lower 'lip' swollen, but not fuzzy.
fin discoloration (from orange to an orangish brown)
raised scales ONLY on the face
whitening of one wide of the face
Slightly distended belly
string of (what I believe to be) poop has been hanging from him for going on two days.
Still has appatite, but due to swollen 'lip' unable to eat, hand-fed him a pre-soaked bloodworm. He would only eat half, and struggled to do so.

video and pictures of the affected fish.



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Think it could be a fungus? How can you tell?
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Okay. Issues, so many of them, even my sister-a fish maniac- is at a loss!

fish:6 guppies.
One is in QT

5g tank
78° constant temp
0 nitrites
10 nitrate
8.2 PH

overstocked I know, won't be for long, sister taking some guppies when she leaves after Christmas.

it all started with one. Sick.guppy. She had columnaris which went unnoticed, and lead to her death. Now, it's spread like a plauge. I do have a few 'healthy' guppies though.

but so far, here's the scoop.
Out of the six guppies I have, four are sick or dying. If anyone can shed light on one-or, even better, all!- of the fish's illnesses, please, do! I'm still a newbie,and some of these fish I'm mystified with. Personality quirks? Or something more serious? I don't know! This will be the last post I make pertaining to my sick fish, probably, unless something rather serious comes up.

The orange one


swelling of mouth,
raised scales only on the face,
stringy poop,
gasping at surface (despite bubbler and good airflow)
loss of appatite
discoloration of fins
deterioration of fins

this fish has progressed from healthy and active to sick and slow in the span of four days. First symptom was swelling of the lower 'lip' and I added formalin-MS under direction of another user, as he said it may be a fungus. No change.

Youngest one,

Not quarantined

clear, stringy poop
Loss of appatite
Very Slight bloating (pregnancy??)
slightly bend spine.

This is a new development, starting last night and continuing throughout today. there are no visible external indicators of illness, only behavioral. She does not respond when I approach the tank, only when one of the fish brush against her, she then proceeds to dart around before settling back at the top.

Pregnant fish

Not quarantined

extremely lethargic, often laying on her belly or side
hiding (she has never done so before)
slight but spreading discoloration of face, one side only
loss of appetite
occasionally shimmying.
Very slight raised scales on face, belly and spine.

this guppy is heavily pregnant, and until now has progressed smoothly. The behavior changes began three days ago, visible changes just this morning.


not quarantined

blackening fins (likely fin rot?)
deteriorating fins ^^^
will stop, tremble, then dart around frantically before rubbing against the walls of the tank.

Other than the aforementioned issues, Orion has been a healthy fish that has been with us for over two months. He is the only remaining (mostly) healthy male.he has been treated for finrot many times, with metro-MS and melafix. No recovery has been observed, only worsening. he also obsesses over pecking at the heater.


Nevermind I didnt read the whole post, let me look at it now. Jeez
I'm gonna say gill flukes and (probably like my buddy chris said, bacterial infection as well?)
You need to change your water and keep this tank clean first and foremost.
Other than that, there sadly are too many things going on at once here for me to make a reccomendation.
I don't want to send you rusing out to buy medicine to treat numerous diffrent things.
Personally I would get ahold of some "general cure" praziquentel and metronidazole, take them out and put them in a bare bottom tank with a ton of AQ salt and extra conditioner and crank the heater up to about 84.
Then they either live or they dont. If they don't I stearlize the tank with bleach and go buy 10 more guppies.
Sorry I couldnt help more, but this seems to be getting a little out of control f
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uhhhh. Isint bleach like, what you use when you never want fish in that tank ever again? ._.
the heater I have is preset, can't be changed =\ perpetually at 78°


No. You can/should bleach a fishtank. Just scrub it with hot bleach water and rinse it out after 30 minutes. Use X2 declorinator and activited carbon when you set it back up. (for future reference)
Honestly, your fish don't look all that bad. If you can get some general cure and do more water changes they may make it. If not, no biggy.
I know I sound in-sensitive, but you have to be with guppies. You have to cull fish that are not strong and you have to not get attached to them, they only live 1.5-2 years anyways.
I think the red one may have gill flukes, and sitting on the bottom or bloated is not a good sign, might just want to cull that one.
I ran into a disease a couple years ago that presented in a similar fashion, bloated and stringy white poo but no visible worms..... I could not ever figure it out, they didnt respond to any meds, and I had to cull like 30 guppies. It was not easy, but it made me understand the importance of Quarintine and knowing when to yank a sick fish out of your tank before it made them all sick. An important lesson if you keep guppies!


Rosie, we want you to succeed, if you do good we are good. The forum is here for the betterment and advancement of the hobby. Unfortunately you will lose some fish. Please go to the nitrogen cycle forum here and read as much as you can about it (nitrogen cycle).

Once in a while you have to step back and try a different approach. You've come to the right place because the members of this forum WANT to help you. Water changes, as mentioned above by Whitewolf, is the main ingredient. Do partial water changes, maybe 10% to 20% daily for about a week until things normalize some, then you can work that down to once or twice a week. Please keep us posted.

API, Tetra and others, put out general cure meds. They are a broad spectrum remedy, you might want to try something like that.
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Unfortunately, 2 of the above fish have passed away, that being my little bottom sitter and the orange one. I found out the blue and orange both had popeye, but Orion (blue guppy) is still alive. I'm not really sure what to treat him with, though..

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