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Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by mtorts, Apr 7, 2017.

  1. mtorts New Member Member

    Hey guys first post here. I recently purchased a 55g tank and plan to make it a all male peacock/hap tank. The mature fish are more expensive than I anticipated so I'm thinking of buying them as juveniles and sort them out once they mature. What are your thoughts?? I know there all different but how long typically until they start showing colours. Also I found some nice coral rocks for sale that were previously used in salt water would these be ok in the tank if rinsed very thouroughly. Will they help to raise ph or have any negative affect. I'm planning on using pool filter sand for my substrate. Thanks

  2. fishandle Valued Member Member

    I would strongly advise getting a 75 gallon tank and even then only include smaller haps. Some of them can get really big.

    If 75 is not an option, then I would recommend mbuna for the 55.

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  3. Tiny_Tanganyikans Well Known Member Member

    Instead of PFS I like multi purpose sand, its a larger grain, mixed with a little aragonite. The corals fine itll leech over time buffing the aquarium.

    These cookie cutter setups are nice, and there's great general info available



  4. mtorts New Member Member

    I was thinking mbunas I'm just so drawn to these peacocks now and figured if I put less of them than the mbunas it would be ok. They also sound more peaceful and don't seem to require all the hiding spots. I guess I may have to reconsider that. Thanks for the sand suggestion Tiny I actually thought it was the other way around with the PFS having larger grain.

    Cookie cutter info is a great help thanks

    Last question is about my filtration thextank came with a aqua tech (made by marineland) 30-60 it pumps 300GPH and a aqua clear 30 that pumps 150Gph. This gives me a turnover rate of about 8 times the size of my tank should this do me ok. I'm trying not to spend anymore unnesisary money I know more is better but is this acceptable. I can get a used fluval 306 canister filter for $100 Canadian but would rather not. What's your thoughts.
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  5. Tiny_Tanganyikans Well Known Member Member

    I build all my filters. The basic canister I build has a 1500gph flow rate, 5 gallon canister for tons of media with built in trickle trays and it costs me less than 50 $ a canister with that flow rate and media capacity will easily run 600 $+

    Filters are easy to make.. have a power head? Add a 5 $ storage tower and you have a wet/dry filter. 5 $ worth of lava rock, 5 $ of sponge, 1 $ of polyfil and you have pristine water. More filtration the better.

    I stock heavy so I use overkill filtration
  6. mtorts New Member Member

    Very interesting I just watched some YouTube videos on how to make these canister filters looks pretty easy. Thanks once again. This forum has already been very helpful
  7. MaddieTaylah Well Known Member Member

    King of DIY on YouTube has some great filter builds.
  8. mtorts New Member Member

    Ya that's the one I watched he makes a nice 6g filter. I'll see if I can pick up that fluval for cheap if not maybe I'll just make one.
  9. mtorts New Member Member

    I was able to find a aqua clear 110 for $40 it was only used a few weeks like new condition. I think this and my aqua tech 30-60 will be plenty filtration at around 700gph. What do you think
  10. MaddieTaylah Well Known Member Member

    That's almost 14 times per hour so it's definetely more than enough. Just make sure the current in the tank isn't too strong for your fish.