Setting up an African Cichlid Tank. Need help with Everything!

Discussion in 'Cichlids' started by K3NN3TH, Mar 15, 2010.

  1. K3NN3TH

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    Hi Fishlore!

    I just got my hands on a 29g Marineland, and I've decided to set up a cichlid tank with it.

    I know it's recommended that you have a 55g or larger, but this is what I have and I'm going to try to work with it. I'm experienced with planted tanks and community setups. I've done a bit of reading on cichlids, but I still have a few more questions:

    1. What type/species of cichlids would do ok in a tank this small and in what number?

    2. Can any plants do well in this setup?

    3. What substrate? I was thinking of using Eco-Complete African Cichlid Substrate (white sand) to help keep the pH level hard.

    3. Aquascaping. I understand the majority of this should be rocks, but what type? I'm looking into the sort of slate greyish type rocks and stacking them.

    Anything else concerning cichlids would be excellent.

  2. Shawnie

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    whahooo new tanks rock!!!
    but I wouldnt go with africans....they just cant be stocked enough to keep the agression down in a 29g tank IMO...not to mention you wont have much luck with live plants as thats a huge part of their diet....veggie matter.....

    if you are interested in other cichlids, that could work with some rams, firemouths, etc ?
  3. kcarmartinez

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    Unfortunately African Cichlids would not work in in a 29G.
    If you do decided to go with a larger tank remember that it is the footprint of the tank that really counts. Go for a tank that is at least 48" long.
    If you do decide to with a larger tank and Africans, the cichlid complete is good or you could do aragonite sand. Make sure you have rocks that do not have metals in them (I think there is a vinegar test or something like that). Some people use Texas holey rocks, slate... I use garden rocks as well cause I am cheap. :)
    Plants are not really natural in there habitat and you will probably trouble keeping them in there...
    Eggcrating is great to put under your sand to make sure the rocks down break your tank bottom. Be careful when stacking (some people use aquarium sealant to keep them together.)
    And make sure you have at least enough filtration to cycle the water 10X per hour...
    If you don't decide to go with an upgrade (I know finding money and room can be a challange) I am sure there are other types of cichlids that would work. Though all I can think of right now is Rams and Apistos....