Setting up a Saltwater tank

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    CherryBarb123 Valued Member Member

    I have been keeping freshwater fish for quite a long time, and later this year I would love to set up another tank. Rather than setting up a nother FW, I would love to set up a SW tank.

    How much harder than FW are saltwater tanks? What would be the minimum tank size? What are some good fish to begin with? What about corals?

    Could I set up a 90 Litre with a few small(ish) fish/inverts? I know it isn't cheap to set up. What could I stock a 90 Litre with?

    Please could someone help me make my mind up. I am prepared to do the research to get it right :)

    Thanks in advance :D
  2. e_watson09

    e_watson09 Well Known Member Member

    Personally I'd go bigger if possible. The bigger you go the easier it is. I usually reccomend a 29 gallon tank as a MIN. for saltwater.

    Most of the fish just simply get too large for anything smaller. I have had two different 29 gallon saltwater set ups. I had a 29 standard (now my goldie/QT) and I had fish only. I have the 29 gallon biocube which we originally started to try corals. Both of which (one still is) the biggest pain in the rear I've ever dealt with. I could keep corals alive for a little while in the biocube but they would just start fading away slowly. Then in a 29 you're looking at maybe like 3-5 SMALL fish. Like chromis, neon goby, clown goby, etc. Like tiny fish.

    If you can go bigger I highly reccomend it, if not I'd just start out doing a fish only tank and maybe some snails and crabs but no coral. If you do the 29 you could probably get away with a pair of occelarius clownfish, a clown goby and maybe a school of 3 chromis. That'd be pushing it tho.
  3. OP

    CherryBarb123 Valued Member Member

    Thanks! So if I was to go with a 29, would I have live rock as the decor?
  4. e_watson09

    e_watson09 Well Known Member Member

    Generally most salt tanks have live rock. I have it in all my tanks. In my 29 gallons generally I could get 3 bigger sized pieces with like 2-3 smaller pieces to make caves and such. Some pet stores sell marine algae its a lot like freshwater java moss. I have no idea how to spell it so I don't think I will even try but its said ca-ler-pa but I know that's not how it's spelled.