Setting Up a Quarantine Tank

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    theRqua Valued Member Member


    I've started thinking of setting up a quarantine tank ever since I bought a new plant for my aquarium (haven't set it up in my main aquarium yet, placed it in a small tank I have).
    My main tank is 9.2 gallons, so it has small fish in it. It has a pump filtration system with aeration outlet included, a lamp and a heater (set to 27C).
    How should I start?
    I was thinking of buying a cheap large plastic fish tank, a small filter fit for its size, but no heater nor lights. I have a bit of gravel substrate left, I can add a few plastic plants I have and that's about it.
    What will the maintenance different between the main tank and quarantine tank be?
    I'm new to starting quarantine tanks.
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    littleredridingmech Valued Member Member

    Are you quarantining fish or plants?

    If it's fish, you probably do want a heater. Most of the fish in the aquarium trade are tropical and like it warmer than room temp and you can do an ich treatment more easily with a heater.

    In the future, I'll always have an extra sponge filter running in my main tank so I can plop it in the QT at any time for an instant cycle. Right now, I only have an airstone for agitating the surface and do large daily water changes since I didn't have a cycled filter ready to go. I don't know how feasible the sponge filter thing is in a 9 gallon though, real estate's a bit limited.
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    Tk82 Valued Member Member

    Theres really no big difference in maintenance for your quarantine tank as with your display tank. I have a 10g quarantine tank with light/hood, heater and filtered. Try to keep your qt as bare bones as possible when it comes to decor. I keep mine without gravel. But i do have a few plastic plants and pvc fittings to make it comfortable and less stressful as possible for any new/sick fish i plan to quarantine. I do weekly water changes on qt when i do my display tank also to avoid ammonia build up etc. If you are planning on quarantining only plants, make sure you have adequate lighting and filtration minus decor etc.