Setting Up A New Tank!!

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Hello all!
So my cousins have decided that they wanted a fish tank (thanks to me). I’m on vacation in Colorado and staying with them . The main thing they want is the cutest of them all the telescope goldfish! They both have had fish before but knew little. Not worried about cycled because I’m going to mail some of my filter media over here for an instant cycle. Just wanted to get opinions on the stock list and tanks I have so far, if you have a good idea please share!

This is the first one plain and simple (not much for what they are looking for)
-36 gallon bowfront tank
-live or fake plants (you decide)
-two (most likely black) telescope goldfish
-white gravel

This is the second one which I think they will like A LOT more
-55 gallon tank
-tan sand
-5 panda corydoras
-5 emerald corydoras
-2 telescope goldfish (most likely black)
-5 male guppies
-live or fake plants (you decide)

This is the third tank just about the same but smaller
- 40 gallon long
- two telescope goldfish (most likely black)
-5 male guppies
-8 panda corydoras
- 10 RCS
-black diamond blasting sand
-live or fake plants (you decide)
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The 36 gallon tank idea is great!

There are a few issues with the 55 gallon stocking. Cory catfish, and guppies are tropical fish (enjoy temperatures like 78-82 F) and goldfish prefer cold temperatures (65-72 F)

The 40 gallon tank has the same issues as the 55 gallon (some tropical fish, some cold water fish). And it would also be overstocked.

So, basically if they really want goldfish, then the max would be two in a 36 gallon.

You should talk to them about a strictly tropical fish tank. It would mean they couldn’t have goldfish, but they could have a lot more fish per gallon.
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Okay thank you! Their main want was the goldfish so maybe down the road if they want a second tank they could do a tropical tank! Should They do live or fake plants? If they do live plants what would you recommend? I’m a newbie-ish plant keeper!
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I don’t know a lot about plants. You could try live plants, but you would need plants that thrive in colder temperatures.

In my goldfish tanks, I usually get tall, soft fake plants.

Goldfish like to explore their surroundings. Though, they don’t like a lot of clutter in their tank. So maybe just two big plants, and a center piece decoration.

Would you ever consider sand? Sometimes, goldfish can accidentally eat small pieces of gravel. My goldfish love sand, they use their mouths to sift around in it, all day long!

You can purchase white sand.
Ellie Silvester
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They might enjoy having live plants because if you’re worried about the 36 BF not having as many fish as they would like in it, they can watch the plants grow and mature- maybe not a lot of clutter but some tall ones along the back?
Amazon sword adapts well IMO and works in cooler temps too
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actually cories are sub-tropical, some prefer cooler temps than others. But I wouldn’t mix them with goldfish. If they want goldies then it should be a species only tank, imo. Especially with telescopes(you might mean black moors?) since their eyes can easily be damaged. So try to stay away from any sharp decorations. A sandy bottom with some river rocks would look nice. You can add some anubias if they want easy plants. Or add some pothos to the filter to help with the nitrates.
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I keep 2 tanks, one simple, easy to clean 20 gal for the 2 goldfish, with fake but good looking “plants”, and one 60 gallon for my live planted tank and the tropicals. If they are just starting out, you want to keep water changes easy, and a 55 gal tank could take some work if they don’t have the right equipment.
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Okay thank you all so much! I will chat whith them and see how they want the tank to look (decorations and plants) if they get it set up before I leave I will post pictures!

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