Setting Up A Hospital Tank

  1. jfer76

    jfer76 New Member Member

    So I have a betta in a 5 gal Fluval Chi with 3 amano shrimp and a nerite snail. I have the built in filter for the Chi along with an additional sponge filter. I want to get the things I would need for a hospital tank in case I need to treat the fish with meds that are not invert safe. Would a small 1-2 gal Critter Keeper type of thing work? What kind of heater would I get for it being that it is so small and plastic? Would I be able to just move the sponge filter over to it when I need to fill and use the hospital tank and would that and Prime take the place of cycling it? Anything else I would need to put in there? Thanks for your input. I want to go out tomorrow and get the needed things and thought I would ask here first so I don't miss anything.
  2. goplecos

    goplecos Well Known Member Member

    you could easily move the the sponge over so you can have the tank cycled immediately. 1-2 gallons would be fine. Unfortunately small heaters are notoriously expensive, but a Aqueon 10 watt adjustable heater would work.