Setting Up 2 New Tanks! Help Me Decide What To Stock?


I know about cycling tanks so I'm good there - but I'm looking for ideas on what to stock. I have a 5g, 10g, and a 30g. I'm leaning towards the 10 gallon being for a pea puffer, 5 gallon for breeding snails for the puffer, and the 30 gallon I'm thinking a mix of Red Cherry Shrimp and some other non-crossbreedable shrimp that require similar water parameters. I would love to have larger fish in the 30 gallon instead of shrimp but I can't think of anything - even a single fish. I do have a 55 gallon with guppies, mollies, platies, and tetras. I'm also torn between making the 10 gallon RCS tank and the 30 gallon my pea puffer tank!

I would love to hear some stocking ideas from people!


I would do RCS in the 5 and pea puffers in the 10

Five 97

If you would rather go for larger fish in the 30g, what about a rainbow cichlid?
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