Set Up My First Planted Aquarium, Would Appreciate Feedback

  1. Balian Initiate Member

    Hello All,

    Around three weeks ago, I set up my first planted aquarium. It's one of the new Juwel Rio 240's, I absolutely love it! I'm something of an amateur, though I've been doing a lot of reading around this forum, so much useful knowledge and expertise!

    What do you guys think of the tank? It's three weeks into the cycle and all seems to be going well. I've even got new growth on some of the plants, without using any CO2 injection (although I am using API liquid CO2 booster daily). I plan to add CO2 injection in a couple of weeks.

    Although they can't be seen, I've got six siamese algae eaters in there, they've done a marvellous job at removing the initial hair algae outburst! They seem to have settled in quite happily with minimal stress. The SAE's have been in for a week, I'm thinking of adding some Harlequin Rasboras this weekend, would you guys recommend this?

    Any other tips or advice regarding best practices and plants would be appreciated. I know it looks a little bare in terms of foliage, I'm definitely planning on adding more plants in the upcoming weeks, I thought I'd let it mature a little first since most of the initial plants have been covered in brown spots. Diatoms I believe?

    Would appreciate any feedback! :)

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  3. James17 Well Known Member Member

    It looks fantastic, looks a lot better than mine does.

  4. Bruxes and Bubbles Well Known Member Member

    That looks so good!

  5. James17 Well Known Member Member

    I ought to hire you to come to my house and fix mine. :)
  6. Balian Initiate Member

    Thanks guys for your kind comments! I made a mistake in my initial post, I don't have any SAE, the breed I have is Siamese Flying Fox. They've been getting quite aggressive towards each other lately, not sure if that's normal or not?

    Also, does anyone have a CO2 system that they recommend? I'm thinking of getting one of the JBL ProFlora systems, would anyone recommend this?
  7. Balian Initiate Member

    Added some Longfin Zebra Danios and a few Amazon Sword plants. I'm now three weeks into the cycle and all seems to be going quite well, even had some new growth on some of the plants.

    I do find it a little strange how my ammonia never really surpassed 0.25 whilst I was doing the fishless part of the cycle. Perhaps it's because the plants have simply been absorbing all the toxins?

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