Set Up For Figure 8 Puffer


I am thinking and researching a brackish tank for a figure 8 buffer and I have soon questions it will be a 30gal planted.
1- what filtration would be best ie canister/hob/sump
2-is the BB in freshwater the same or is it more like saltwater
3-if it’s the same can I seed from my freshwater tank
4-do I need live rock or live sand n the tank
5-are plants different between freshwater and brackish
Well that all I can think of for now but I’m sure I will think of more...


Puffers can be very messy eaters, and extremely sensitive to water parameters, so you usually want to over filter. I use a penguin emperor eheim filter for my 30 gallon along with a bio ball reactor that turns nitrates into nitrogen gas. The bacteria is different from fresh water. If you start with a small figure 8, you can start with a freshwater tank and alter the salinity by 0.002 every two weeks till you get it where you like. It is very hard to find plants for brackish water. I have had success with java moss, java fern, moss balls, and African onion plant. Do you do need live rock or sand, but you could use it.

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