Serpaes And Angelfish????


Okay.... so I've read some mixed things about serpaes. I know that they are very nippy, but I've read that longfin serpaes are less nippy (seems a little weird to me?) but if longfins were kept in a big enough school, could I keep them with an angelfish in a 32 gallon tank? Or is that tank to small and things will just get out of hand? I've heard very mixed results with putting them together


I personally would not try it unless I had the serpae tetras first and could observe their behaviour. I have kept them with a betta before and they did not nip him, but I also had a different school of them that nipped absolutely everything that moved. The entire lot of them had ragged fins their entire life because they couldn't seem to resist.


Serpae tetras are avid fin nippers unless kept in very large groups. I think that if you upgraded the tank size to around 55 gallons, you could get away with it. But not in a 32.
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