Serpae tetra

Trying to find info on an odd thing that just happened within the past two hours.

One of my serpaes just went from red to white...anyone know what could have caused this?

I have 4 serpae.. I believe two are male and at least one female. The white one I have no clue. In this time period I've also noticed that the males turned a brighter shade of red and are courting the female.
If your tank has only been set up for a couple of weeks its probably not cycled. Get a water testing kit and test the ammonia, nitrite, nitrates and let us know. that would be my guess on the one you lost (other post) and why this one is turning colors. Here are some interesting articles that will make your life and those of your fish easier

I love my serpae's as they are always out and about in the open water, afraid of nothing , and just having a good time.
Serpaes will also lose their coloring when frightened or stressed as I found out when I transferred mine to a 55!!!
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