Serpae Tetra Fin Rot

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by Nutterbutterkay, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. NutterbutterkayNew MemberMember

    Hey guys, I honestly think my fish have fin rot, I did some research and their fins look like some example pictures I viewed. The fish that has it the worst is hanging around the filter more than normal as well. I just did a water change a few days ago, so my water should be clean. I have 5 serpae tetras and one emerald cory(I haven't spotted signs of fish rot on him). I read that adding aquarium salt can help heal their open wounds? Is fin rot fatal? Any other recommendations to help them get better?

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    Generally, fin rot is caused by poor water quality. Do you know what your ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels are? The best cure for fin rot is pristine water conditions with lot's of water changes to insure that the water is as pristine as possible. Soaking your fish's food in Garlic Guard (or garlic juice from those little jars of garlic you can buy at the supermarket) will help the fish fight infection of the fins. I also like to use Vita-Chem also when treating fin damage. You can soak the fish's food in Vita-Chem, plus you can add it directly to the tank (follow instructions on bottle)

    Both Garlic Guard and Vita-Chem can be hard to find locally and you may have to order online.
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    My nitrite levels were high for about 2 weeks then I got them down with TSS+. All of my levels are normal now.
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  5. WhitewolfWell Known MemberMember

    Hey, im from nebraska too. You tetras are fine, they are suppose to look that way.
  6. NutterbutterkayNew MemberMember

    Oh awesome! I'm from Omaha! I'm glad they are okay, I get paranoid about them because they are the first group of fish I've been successful with so I go mama bear mode when I think something is wrong lol
  7. WhitewolfWell Known MemberMember

    Im here to help you with any questions. Im one of the better known fishlore gurus, ive lived in lincoln most of my life, born here, but my wifes family lives in bellevue so we use to live in bellevue and we travel alot. Its good to see another person from nebraska online lol
  8. NutterbutterkayNew MemberMember

    I'll keep you in mind if I have any further question!
  9. WhitewolfWell Known MemberMember

    You can tag me by typing a @ symbol, then my screename

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