Seriously thinking about a betta


Still not sure, but it is eating at me that I need a betta, I do have a soft spot for the cheeky buggers, not to mention, they are just plain beautiful.

Here's what the set up will be.

I had to set up a temporary snail tank. I have a severe bladder snail infestation in my very successful shrimp tank. To control it I got some assassin snails. But I didn't want the assassin snails to harm my beloved ramshorn snails, or at least until I get too many of those, lol. Many of the ramshorns went into the big tank, but because I wanted to make sure I still keep a good population of them, I set up a 3.5 gallon tank to house them. In order to get the water cycled, I also threw in 3 of my million (give or take one or two) guppies. After removing the pathetic filter that came with the tank and adding a very aged sponge filter from my big tank, I now have the tank stabilized, the water prams have finally read good for a week now. 0 ammonia, 0 nitrates, acceptable nitrites, high gh, kh, and ph because of my hard well water.

In thinking I need a betta, I also have a heater ordered. Also a smaller sponge filter, the one I have now takes up too much room, but it was only there to cycle the tank. I do plan rinse the new sponge filter in water I rinse the old sponge filter in to inoculate it and then let it run awhile and test the water before I add any more fish.

Right now, just for looks, I have plastic plants in the tank, but do plan to go all live like my other two tanks. I have also added a small piece of driftwood. I also have a nice stock of Indian Almond Leaves because of the shrimp, and the added bonus of many oak trees to harvest leaves from in the future (if I had known about oak and mulberry leaves sooner I could have had ton of those, all organic, I don't spray a thing in my gardens).

So with a heater, a small, but well cycled tank, live plants and snails (the guppies will go back in the big tank), can I make a betta happy and healthy? My main concerns being tank size (3.5 gallons) and the hardness of my water.

Input welcomed, I won't do this if it's not for the best of the fish. Thank you.


HI barbiespoodle,

Based on your description, I am pretty sure your new betta friend will definitely be happy with the care you took on the preparation.

The only thing you need to concern with after getting your new betta is what are you gonna feed him or her with?

Other than that, you will have to schedule your water changes accordingly to your new friend's bioload (how much he or she is excreating waste) but you can cross this bridge when you reach it.

And last but not least, pay attention after introducing him or her the first few days and see that the adaptation process goes smoothly and you will be alright.

Best wishes on your endeavors and stay healthy.
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