Serious Bloating & Cysts

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  1. AlphaBetaNew MemberMember

    I have no idea what’s happening to my Betta, but something is definitely wrong. Over the course of the passed 6-8 months he started to form these very small patches on the sides of his body (just 2-3) but they have grown significantly larger recently. And obviously as you see, he is extremely swollen in the pectoral region. It started small but over the passed week it got to what you see in the photos. Water parameters are good: no ammonia, no nitrite, .5ppm nitrate. 76 degrees, 5 gallons. He has a healthy diet with a good variety. What could be going on and what can I do to help?

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  2. CarrieBethNew MemberMember

    Columnaris Disease. Fatal! You must order Wound Control and Spectrogram ASAP! Or your fish will die.
    Lower Temp to 75 and put in a hospital tank! For the next 10 days you must use Wound Control in a bath with AQSalt lower temp but not lower than 75 degrees. Also add Methy Blue and a strong dose of Spectrogram both in the tank follow directions for Tank, but double dose in a bowl Bath for 30 minutes twice daily for Ten days with a teaspoon of AQ Salt per Cup for 30 min.
    Watch Closley how he does in a bath. Baths will be more help. Plus change water every other day and disinfect tank. Don’t wait if you don’t have the meds. I use a Cup like I bought the fish in at the store. For Columnaris!! Mombrin (Wound Control must be used step one everyday second choice is MethyBlu Baths!) I take the Wound Countrol and literally pour it on the fish and return to a bath of AQ Salts, Pinch Of Spectrogram and MethyBlu for a Cup Bath. Twice Daily for 10 days. Return to Hospital Tank with Double Dose Spectrogram Regular Dose Of AQ Salts. 100% Water Changes every other day or 2 days. Bleach Tank each time.

  3. DemeterFishlore VIPMember

    That's some pretty odd advice IMO. Calumnaris is a fast acting disease, he would be dead within a week or two of contracting it, even sooner depending on the strain.

    The patches don't look like open wounds or infection, so I'd not worry about them just yet. The bloat us more worrisome to me. I'd try fasting for a couple days and see if the bloat goes down. If not then try epsom salt baths at 1 tsp per quart of water for 10-15min a day.
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    Epsom Salt baths would burn the infected area, Wound Control is the Safest Antiseptic our there to disenfect the wounds and Spectrogram treats both Gram Positive and Gram Negative Bacteria. Over the Counter Antibiotics only treat Gram Positive bacteria. So basically, Spectrogram is first of choice and cures a Full Spectrum Of Disease including Red Patches, Hemorrhages, Bacteria, Furunculosis, Columnaris, and Fungus infections. He Could have Furunculosis.
  5. AlphaBetaNew MemberMember

    Any other advice??? Haven't fed in 2 days, absolutely no decrease in size. No idea what's causing him to bloat like this.
  6. CarrieBethNew MemberMember

    Is he swimming? Does he act lathargic? Do you feed him live frozen food?

    Are those sores on him if so he needs daily baths to treat the infected area and a strong antibiotic!! For 10 days and daily medicated baths, try soaking the food in a strong dose of medication and feeding it to him for at least 30 min soak.

    Merbromin is the number one choice for a bath
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  7. AlphaBetaNew MemberMember

    Not acting lethargic. Feeding him a variety including frozen brine shrimp

    The patches have slowly grown over the last year. Not sure what they are.

    Any knowledge on what’s causing the bloat?
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  8. CarrieBethNew MemberMember

    Maybe intestinal Parasites, if so always move them to a 3 gallon Hospital Tank with Stability, AQ Salt, and Fresh Water, Air Stone! API General Cure for 2 Doses for 8 days How is his poop

    What do you feed
    Him? Does he have sores

    Bad pic, but she is much better now

    She has Columnaris, it’s been 2 weeks of Baths

    Looks like Fin Rot, then later stage sores

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  9. RobinIsACatttoValued MemberMember

    Bloating: Have you tried feeding him a pea? That could help him pass everything out that's causing the bloating.