SERIOUS algae issues :(

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    My tank is having really really bad algae problems.. It's a 5G, moderately planted with crypts, no livestock as of yet. I have a 11w flourescent light on for about 12 hours a day. The crypts are planted in soil topped with gravel and I don't dose fertilizers. I have a DIY CO2 system I set up about 2 weeks ago, in the hope that providing more CO2 would encourage my plants to grow, outcompeting the algae, but no such luck!

    I have brown algae that keeps coating the leaves of my crypts, I have to rub it off 2-3 times a week
    Light brown and green algae covering the glass, again, I wipe this off
    Heres the scary part - dark green/black algae growing on the bottom of the aquarium that goes from being on the bottom to covering entire plants in a matter of hours!

    I have no idea how to get rid of any of this stuff, i'm very new to this and need some help!
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    It's bit hard to work out what these algaes are without pictures, they would be appreciated.

    Firstly, brown algae sounds like diatoms. these normally occur in new tanks and go away by themselves when the tank is established.

    Is the green algae on the glass in spots or a coat?

    Dark green algae sounds like cyanobacteria which is a bacteria that behaves like algae. It moves fast and covers anything it can.

    Is the black algae fuzzy? It sounds like black beard algae which is also a pain and kills plants.

    Treatment- Lower your lighting. You should have no more than 10 hours of lighting a day. I light my tanks for 6 hours a day. (1pm-7pm) Keep up on the water changes and dose fertilisers. Most of these algae are caused by imbalance. If you have a high power light, which you do you need co2, got high powered light and co2? you need to dose ferts. I recommend picking up some flourish and maybe some root tabs.

    Diatoms-Should go away over time, might just need to scrape them from the glass.

    Green spot algae-Cut the lighting and dose ferts to fix your imbalances and it should go away. I let it grow on the sides and back off my planted tank to round my tank and make it look greener. I scrape it off the front with a magnetic cleaner.

    Cyanobacteria-I killed this nasty stuff with 3% hydrogen peroxide spot doses and 3 days without light in the tank. I covered my tanks with a blanket and turned all the lights off in it.. There is a good video on youtube about how to kill it.

    Black beard algae-I recently killed this one. This is caused by imbalance and mine only eased off when I started injecting co2. I had an imbalance with too much light and fertiliser. I killed it by spot dosing sachem excel.

    Another thing to take in to account is the soil may be leaching nutrients helping the algae grow, but I'm no expert.

    Again pictures are welcome so we can help you better!
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    Please post pictures as that will help to identify. And sorry to hear you are having a tough time.

    Is this a new setup? Is it cycled or cycling? Brown algae sounds like Diatoms which shows up in tanks under a year old. Keep rubbing the brown stuff off of your plants as not to block the light. This is one you have to wait out.

    The light is on way too long!! Reduce down to 6-8 hrs a day. Are you using a daylight bulb?