Sera O Nip Fish Pellet


HI there!

Wondering if anyone has tried the Sera O Nip tablets that stick to the side of the tank? Or any brand like them? Are they better than flake food? I find my new Neon tetras race around to catch the food but miss 50% of it. They also don't graze the bottom like my Platy's do in my other tank to clean up. Would pellets like these reduce the waste if properly sized? Any opinions would be greatly appreciated!

Tank: 10G
Stock: 1 Nerite Snail, 6 Neon Tetra and soon to be 1 Peacock Gudgeon
PH: 7.6
Ammonia/Nitrite: 0
Nitrate: 5-10


I had those when I had my first betta fish, That was my betta fish's favorite food so every time I opened it he swims in laps around the corner, But does make a mess, So I think there might be a lot of waste.


I bought these a month ago and all my fish LOVE them. If your worried about excess wast though you can break up the tablets to a smaller size. You can still stick them to the glass that way but they will fall apart quicker.

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