Semi-Fishless Cycle

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    I'm setting up a new tank, a 5.5 gallon for a betta fish. I already have a 40 gallon tank with goldfish, that has been cycled and occupied for a long time. I want to avoid killing an already-weak betta from a pet store, so I wanted to cycle the new tank before I got one. Therefore, I need a source of ammonia in the tank. What I was curious about is whether or not I could move one of my small goldfish into the new tank for a few hours every day to provide some ammonia without hurting the goldfish by putting it full-time into a cycling tank. This is simply because I don't want to track down and buy and deal with a nasty chemical. Any reason why this is a bad idea? Would it be too stressful for a healthy young goldfish? Would the off-and-on fish waste screw up the cycle at all?

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    If you don't want to deal with chemicals, you can just add fish food daily and the flakes will produce ammonia as they decay. Alternatively, you can use filter media from your goldfish tank to seed the new tank with beneficial bacteria.
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    Moving the goldfish around like that will be very stressful and i would not recommended it. If anything, take some media out of your filter to seed the new filter (this may cause a mini-cycle for your goldfish so beware, it's not horrendous though) and perform regular water changes on the betta tank.

    Or put the Betta filter on your Goldie tank for a couple of weeks (again, the risk is mini-cycle but, these aren't as bad as you may think and are rather short lived) then move it to the Betta tank.

    Best of luck.x