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Semi-final Tank Stocking, Any Help?

Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by ManMan125, Mar 20, 2019.

  1. ManMan125New MemberMember

    After over half a year, I have almost finished my first large tank and am ready to add more fish to it. I know about what I want, but i'm not sure if the tank can hold all of the fish. I have a 36 gal bow front that I am going to plant heavily with java fern, java moss, anacharis, valisnaria, and a few other plants. the tank also has a large Fluval 406 canister filter, so it can take a lot of waste.The new light I got for plants is also kind of bright, but I don't think it will impact the fish too much (it's a Beamswork I got off amazon). My ideas for stocking are...

    Definite picks:
    1 African butterfly fish (will eat/nip other fish that are small enough, but my danios do fine with him. He keeps to himself mostly)
    6-7 Zebra danios (are small enough to be eaten by Butterfly, but once they learn to stay away from him they are fine)
    2 nerite snails
    1-2 bamboo shrimp(wanted to get an elec blue crayfish, but I also want plants and they don't mix ): . Overall, just want some kind of medium size freshwater invertebrate that won't be too violent)

    Maybe's (I want some of them, but I can't decide which ones) :
    6 Flame tetra's(from what I can gather, they are completely passive and won't nip or bully)
    6 Emperor tetra's(an alternative to the flame tetras, also peaceful and non-nipping)
    3-4 Cory Cats(my first experience with these guys was unpleasant to say the least. I had 2 in a 10 gal, and even with a fluval meant for 30 gal, they still created a HUGE amount of waste. I'm willing to give them another shot, as I may have not been caring for them right, but I don't want to get any if they poop as much as the others)
    3-4 Khuli Loaches(not sure if these guys would do too well, since butterfly may try to bite them at night, but with the plants and caves I have in the tank, they might do well)
    1 Bolivian Ram(one of these would be pretty nice to have as they are not aggressive and are brightly colored. I don't know how well one would get along with butterfly though, and I don't want to put any more stress on him.)
    Bottomfeaders/Algae Eaters(would like a clean-up crew for the tank, just not sure what to get. I had a bristlenose and he, like the Cory's, was absolutely filthy.)

    That's pretty much my list of fish for the tank. If you have any suggestions on the stocking, please let me know. :)
  2. Donovan JonesValued MemberMember

    I would be careful with the embers, you may lose them to being eaten by the butterfly fish, as they stay an inch or less. Cories and emporers will do great, but bump up the Cory school to6
  3. aussieJJDudeWell Known MemberMember

    For me personally, both flame and emperors (a particularly the emperors) are increadibly nippy. If it was me, I would substitute for other tetra species thats not so nippy.

    I would also choose between the kuhlies or cories, and just go with one large shoal. Both species are very social, and don't do well in small groups. The kuhlies should be fine with the butterfly, since of memory both are nocturnal, and the kuhlies spend most of their time in the bottom 3rd of the tank.

    You mentioned that you really want an electric blue cray, consider getting blue dream or blue velvet shrimp? The shrimplets may be predated on, but a lot of species you plan to have or currently have appreciate good amount of cover to thrive, so would also appreciate the extra cover offered primarily to the shrimp as a place of refuge...
  4. ManMan125New MemberMember

    What about cherry or tiger barbs? I've had cherries before, and they were great, and I heard if you keep a large school of tigers they will not bother any of your fish. Also, Khulies may not be they best idea. At night, Buttefly swims around the tank and might bite the khulies, but I'm just speculating.