Semi Aquatic Filtration

  1. BettaPonic Well Known Member Member

    Thought I would start a discussion.
  2. ljhnz Initiate Member

    Great looking jungle in the top photo! I recognise Golden Pothos, possibly some luck I right? It's hard to see - how are you getting all the plants to sit on top of the tanks? Have you got any photos of how the roots look in the tanks?
    I've got a cutting of a plant that we know as a "Drunken Sailer" sitting on the top of my Grandson's tank (38 litres which is home to a Freshwater Koura). I just sat it in a corner, held by one of the glass lids, it's been there about a month now and seems to be thriving. It's a nice trailing plant, leaves are green on top and purple underneath, has little white flowers I'm blowed if I can find the correct botanical name for it though!

  3. Heather L Member Member

    Sweet! I'm also curious as to how you have them secured. I love this idea and have wanted to try it, but I have a school of hatchet fish and don't want to lose any of the little escape artists.
  4. BettaPonic Well Known Member Member

    Marina Hang on Box. I don't keep jumpy fish and have a whole in the lid.

  5. ljhnz Initiate Member