Semi Aggresive 20?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Aquarium Builds' started by Dante123, Aug 12, 2015.

  1. Dante123

    Dante123New MemberMember

    Anyone got ideas of a semi aggressive tank setup for a 20g long? Don't want casualties, but want something fun to watch.
  2. Newbiee

    NewbieeValued MemberMember

    If fish are fighting some of them are going to die you can't really stop them one they get started unless you separate them.

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  3. Anders247

    Anders247Fishlore LegendMember

    I wouldn't do a "semi-aggressive" setup in this size tank. A peaceful one should be just as fun to watch.
  4. New Fish in Town

    New Fish in TownWell Known MemberMember

  5. Dom90

    Dom90Fishlore VIPMember

    Tank size would be too small for those imo.

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  6. BDpups

    BDpupsWell Known MemberMember

    It's kind of small, but what are you thinking of? Single fish, or more than 1?
  7. Thai Aquarium owner

    Thai Aquarium ownerWell Known MemberMember

    Fish fighting is not a " fun " thing to watch.
    There is no such thing as a " Semi-Aggressive " tank. The fish will either get along with little or no fighting, or there will be a continual battle going on for dominance.
  8. Dom90

    Dom90Fishlore VIPMember

    I concur, putting together a tank full of semi-aggressive fish because it's "fun to watch" is inhumane and cruel. It's akin to dogfighting rings, which have been made mostly illegal.

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  9. thinkpink94

    thinkpink94Valued MemberMember

    Hi Dante123

    Just wondering, by "semi-aggressive," did you mean "more active"?

    Sorry if that's off base, but in my mind that connection makes sense, and I wanted to give you the benefit
    Of the doubt before comparing you to a dog fighter (which is completely extreme since I'm assuming you didn't mean you wanted to set up a tank to watch fish hurt each other).

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  10. OP

    Dante123New MemberMember

    Aggresive Planted 20

    Any ideas for probably single species planted 20 semi/aggressive.
    My thoughts are Tiger Barbs or Dwarf Puffers.

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  11. BDpups

    BDpupsWell Known MemberMember

    Welcome to the forum :)

    Puffers would work best in a 20 planted tank. You can keep otos with them too.
  12. AquaticBrandon

    AquaticBrandonWell Known MemberMember

  13. OP

    Dante123New MemberMember

    The post where I got no information from?

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  14. AquaticBrandon

    AquaticBrandonWell Known MemberMember

    I think it answered your question.

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  15. BDpups

    BDpupsWell Known MemberMember

    You didn't provide enough information in the thread. I asked a question that never got answered.
  16. Lucy

    LucyModeratorModerator Member

    **Threads merged**
    Only one thread is required.
  17. DanB80TTS

    DanB80TTSWell Known MemberMember

    That thread went way off topic, I think everybody got the wrong idea.

    I assume the OP meant fish that are classed as semi aggressive such as tiger barbs/red tail sharks/cichlids etc which are all more suited to much larger tanks.

    Puffers are fun fish, most are brackish fish but sold as freshwater, there are some true freshwater puffers though.
  18. Lucy

    LucyModeratorModerator Member

    Seems like these are the most relevant posts that address the question.
    The OP did not if they should or should not do a certain tank.
    They only asked for suggests of what they could

    Sorry DanB80TTS we posted at the same time.
  19. Catahoola

    CatahoolaValued MemberMember

    Dwarf puffers should be kept at a ratio of 1 male to 2 or 3 females. Make sure you get that ratio otherwise you will have aggression issues. They should also be kept in a heavily planted tank so they can escape from another aggressive puffer. They don't always do well with other fish, they are so small (1") that other fish can really bully them (or the other way around if they are peaceful fish). Not many semi-aggressive fish can be in a 20 gallon also.