Selling Mosquito Larva?!

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/1So, I'm online, seein some importer sellin stuff, recognized sellers style from another site. Very skeptical of seller, then see the goods they got, and its mosquito larva among other natural occuring live food. I'm like Where do you live where you don't have mosquitos?! Why do you want mosquitos from Thailand, a tropical biome where the diseases that mosquitos carry are crazy mess you up style?! I feel bad enough having a 2.5 gal water jug with larva in it, let alone bringin some home from hecka far away. Shouldnt that be illegal?! There are species of mosquitos(I recently heard) that dont suck blood, so they dont transfer diseases to humans, maybe that's what they were selling. Still I wouldnt take the chances. Its just crazy like, sure a fish you cant get anywhere but a far off breeder, but something like mosquitos, cmon just leave a puddle of water outside and put leaves in it and 2-4 weeks later you got larva. IDK:D
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Weird, are you sure that they are live?
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