Selling Fish?

  1. Baba B

    Baba B New Member Member

    Hello everyone,

    I'm not sure if this is the correct place for this post. Moderators feel free to move it if it should go somewhere else.

    So, I live in China. I have only recently gotten into the hobby, and am noticing something already. I can get fish for waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cheaper than people do in the West. Looking at the sale prices for freshwater fish on, I can get pretty much everything on there for less than half of what they are asking. That's not even wholesale price for me, just what I'd pay at the LFS. So I'm thinking why don't I buy fish for cheap, and sell them online to Westerners for better prices than they are paying now?

    Has anyone here done this before? Would tariffs and fees and such kill my profits? Can you even ship live fish internationally? Any advice or thoughts people could provide on this idea would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. A

    Aichmalotizo Well Known Member Member

    Shipping costs would do you in. It costs around 25+ dollars to ship a fish from overseas, and then additional shipping costs in country. Money saved by purchasing them from you would be destroyed in the process of adding up shipping, and then transhipping costs.

    Edit:Look up bettas on aquabid, and find one of the Thailand breeders to get an idea of the shipping costs required, and their transhippers shipping costs

    Edit 2: you'd probably have better luck with plants, as they can be stay in shipping bags longer, but I still doubt it will be a get rich quick kinda thing. Gonna require serious starter capital.
  3. kluggy

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    You would need to file for fish export licenses for each country you ship to, also the buyer needs a fish import license which in most country's isn't worth the effort and costs unless you own a chain of retail pet stores
  4. A

    Aichmalotizo Well Known Member Member

    That's what the transhippers are for kluggy, or at least part of the reason.

    Example: On aquabid, you can buy bettas from Thailand breeders, and they have a list of transhippers, you pick one, breeders send it to them, and then transhippers send it to you.

    Good point on the export license didn't even think about that.