Self seeding annuals in containers?


Well...does it work? Will annuals successfully self seed in an above ground container in areas prone to cold winters (my native new england, for example)? Failing that, could I deliberately place the seeds in the container/pot and have them start that way? Thanks :)


Hmm I'm not sure but my neighbor owns a professional garden and arboretum, so I could ask her next time I see her, she will know for sure! :)
I think you could just harvest the seeds from the annuals when the pods open, but I'm not sure!


They can self-seed in containers, yes. The issue you may run into is that the weather doesn’t warm up early enough in the year to get seeds going in time for their life cycle to complete. E.g a tomato might sprout outside in June, when the soil warms up, and it would grow and flower, but not until September or so. If you could warm up the container, make a little greenhouse over it, something like that, you might be able to get things growing early enough, but for the bother, may as well buy nursery grown or start your seeds indoors.
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