Selecting Filter - Can I Get An In-tank Filter?

  1. filtered_light Member Member

    Hi! I am looking for advice on filters for my future tank, particularly, in-tank filters. I'm planning a 28 US Gal acrylic hex (clear-for-life brand, 18" x 21"x 20"), which will be a home for freshwater tropicals, starting with my peppered corys.

    One of the reasons I am super excited to try the acrylic tank is I had a glass tank crack and flood a room many years ago. I strongly want to avoid floods on my ancient wood floors. Also the acrylic hex has kind of a small opening on top which makes it seem like it would be hard to fit a hanging filter on. For those 2 reasons, I am thinking in-tank filter would be ideal, but I have never used anything like that.

    Are there in-tank filters suitable for 28g? Would they be able to build a good bacterial colony, or not enough air? Would the flow be too strong for neons or other little tetras?
  2. twilysparklez Well Known Member Member

    I think a Fluval U3 or U4 could work pretty well. You can pick between a spraybar or a directed nozzle.

    A canister might work as well, if you are really worried about not having enough space for media.
  3. filtered_light Member Member

    Thanks! I don't really know if I should be worried or not... does anyone have thoughts about in-tank filters and biological filtration? I am asking because I had an impression that the bacteria need some media that is exposed to air, but I'm not experienced with submersed filters, so I might be way off base.
  4. twilysparklez Well Known Member Member

    The Fluval U series has a section for biomax which is the same thing Aquaclear/Fluval uses in all their filters. So biologically it should work with tetras. However, I don't have any actual experiences, unfortunately.