Sekihan X Bubbles (HM Male and Female) spawn log!!!!

  1. April R Well Known Member Member

    Long story short, since I don't feel like typing it all up right now. The last two times I tried posting this thread the computer logged out and ate my post :;jaws.........

    I introduced Sekihan into the breeding tub yesterday afternoon with Bubbles in her jar. Lots of flaring, she had really intense breeding stripes, I could tell they were extremely interested in each other. This was her first time, his 4th attempt with another female, the first of which was the only successful time I have gotten my bettas to spawn. The fry did not survive due to a mass die off at a few days old. I am going to be extra militant with my water changes this go around if I am lucky enough to get any fry from this.

    Skip to this morning at 10am. I release Bubbles into the tank and she immediately started chasing Sekihan around. I think at first he was surprised because my other female Kaosu was so docile. I covered the tank with a black shirt to give them privacy and to keep myself frm bugging them with peeking and taking pics. I do have two videos, one from yesterday and one from when I released her. I will get those uploaded ASAP.

    I checked on them at 5pm, and there were already eggs! Those buggers had spawned in less than 12 hours and I missed it. :( Seki was busy guarding the nest while Bubbles looked like she has been through a paper shredder in the middle of a hurricane. I immediately removed her and placed her in her home tank with antibacterial medicine and salt to recover and left Seki to himself in the breeding tub. I dosed the breeding tub with anti fungal meds and covered it back up.

    I just checked on him at 11:00pm before bed and his tiny bubble nest was quickly deteriorating and the whole tub bottom was littered with what looks like hundreds of eggs. I am praying that he gets a new larger nest built soon and the eggs back where they belong. He is a good daddy from what I could tell from the first time he successfully spawned so I have confidence in him.

    I will get the pics of the eggs in the nest and the videos of their courtship up soon. Have a great weekend!!!:;hi2

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Claire Bear Well Known Member Member

    Congrats! I bet he will! :)
  3. Tonia Well Known Member Member

    Good luck with the future babies!!! I hope he gets that nest built up soon.
  4. April R Well Known Member Member

  5. April R Well Known Member Member

    Finally have videos of Day 1 and 2 up

    Day 1

    Day 2

    More to come. I have video of Sekihan tending the eggs and now the fry! The babies look great.
  6. NCE12940 Well Known Member Member

    Congratulations! :happy0064:
  7. April R Well Known Member Member

    Sekihan has been removed from the breeding tub & I am trying to figure out how to do water changes the best way possible. Any tips would be greatly appreciated! I will be uploading the videos of him tending the eggs and the fry today!
  8. April R Well Known Member Member

    The fry seem to be doing well on Spectrum fry starter and vinegar eels. I am also doing daily water changes.
  9. April R Well Known Member Member

    Pics of Sekihan with the fry after they hatched on the 5th.
    They are so tiny. The vidoes of the fry are uploading and should be available soon.
    Sekihan tending fry (1).JPG Sekihan tending fry (2).JPG Sekihan tending fry (3).JPG Sekihan tending fry (4).JPG Sekihan tending fry (5).JPG Sekihan tending fry (6).JPG Sekihan tending fry (7).JPG Sekihan tending fry (8).JPG
  10. April R Well Known Member Member

  11. April R Well Known Member Member

    I know it is controversial but here are some things I have been doing that I haven't seen other breeders do
    I've had the sponge filter going since the fry were free swimming at 3 days old
    I do daily 90% water changes
    I feed once daily with vinegar eels.
    I feed twice to three times a day with a very small amount of New Life Spectrum Grow Fry Starter
    I keep the breeding tub at 82 degrees
    I add a half a teaspoon of Fungus Cure with every water change.
    if any of these things I am doing are going to cause certain doom please let me know. So far it seems to be going very well. I am hoping in a week or two the fry are big enough for some decent pics
  12. junebug Fishlore Legend Member

    I would stop treating the fish for things they don't have. It'll make them more susceptible to those things as adults. So quit the fungus cure stuff :p Other than that, it sounds about right.
  13. April R Well Known Member Member

    K. I'll back off on the meds.
  14. sophi Well Known Member Member

    Congrats on your spawn! Must be very exciting to be a a fish mommy haha.

    Maybe Sekihan and Bubbles can sit down with my betta's and have a thorough conversation as to how this is supposed to work -_-. Yours pair seemed like it was a very smooth, relatively gentle spawning! Good luck :)
  15. Fishy Friends Well Known Member Member

    Congratulations April! Nice looking Blogâ˜ș
  16. April R Well Known Member Member

    not so gentle but I made sure to match Sekihan with a female that was just as aggressive as he is so she could hold her own. If you check the blog you can see how beat up she got! It took me four tries with 3 different male female combos before I got this successful spawn so don't give up! :)
  17. WolfaraRose Member Member

    How are the fry doing?
  18. April R Well Known Member Member

    Glad you asked!! I have counted approximately 20 healthy and growing fry, about the size of a grain of rice. I can see tail fins already! I am going to try to get a video update on my blog soon and some pics. :)
  19. April R Well Known Member Member

    They had their first baby brine shrimp meal today. They gorged on those suckers.:;jaws Lol. Little bellies full of pink shrimp. I'll get the video and pics up ASAP.
  20. mg13 Well Known Member Member