Seeking info - Nat'l Geographic Bow Front - 29 gal?

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    I was given a Nat'l Geographic Bow Front tank and I was told it was 29 gal. I need a new cover/hood for it but I can't find this tank anywhere on the web. Petco has a 46 gal Nat'l Geo "Aqua Oasis" but no 29 gal is listed.

    This tank is 30" wide and 18" high. The widest part of the bow, front to back, is 12 inches, the sides are about 10 inches. I think those specs do give a 29 gal capacity.

    I'm hoping someone has this same tank and has some info on the original cover. I believe an LED light was built into the cover, but I'm not sure.
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    National Geographic branding only appears at PetSmart. Think of it as PetSmart licensing the Nat Geo brand name for a premium store brand slotted between TopFin and the name brands.


    If you speak to the right manager at a PetSmart, one who has been around a while, she or he might be able to at least provide you with a part number for the tank or part numbers for the hood.

    Worst case scenario you could use a 30" lighting bar over the tank without a cover.

    Edit: this thread seems to indicate it is listed as a 23 gallon tank.
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    Hi. Thank you for the reply. As to the tank size, I'm pretty sure it's 30 if you do the calc's. The thread you mention makes the correction in the 3rd or 4th post. I went PetSmart today and they had no clue. I'm positive it's a Nat'l Geo from Petsmart because its stamped onto the hood, and my son, who gave it to me, told me he bough it at PetSmart.. Strange thing... the Nat Geo labled tanks they had in stock had seams on the front edges even thought they were bow tanks. My tank is one piece, curved, front and sides with back piece added. Very odd. When you can't find something with a Google search you'd swear it didn't exist, but I clearly have one sitting here! Mystery tank!
  4. Bob EllisValued MemberMember

    Well that often happens with store-branded merchandise. Nat Geo is not making them and as such does not have a product page, the only source is PetSmart.

    I assume that the second poster guessed it was 29 because the length and height are closer to a 29, but NG has never EVER sold as a 29, they only started last year and seem to have stopped all but the 46 already. It is shallow enough front to back that I would not be surprised if 23 was closer to what it really holds. Curved edges take out more space than you might assume.

    Google as a 23 gallon and I bet you see your tank.
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    Just to close this out... I did a 50% water change today and I measured for myself. This is in fact a 29 gal tank. I can find no other tank like it by using google. PetSmart people know nothing about it.

    So there you have it. A Nat'l Geo tank in my home that I have myself have sized with actual volume of water and retailer nor web know about it. Twilight Zone time!
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    You can't find any info about it because a National Geographic 29-gallon bowfront doesn't exist. Bob Ellis is correct, Petsmart never marketed a National Geographic 29-gallon bowfront. It's a 23-gallon tank- period. If the dimensions are 30x18x12, that's a standard rectangular 29g tank. But you have a bowfront, which means your tank is only 12" front to back at the widest point. You lose about 6 gallons of water to the curved front panel. It's been pointed out to you several times that your tank is actually a 23-gallon tank, if you'll just pay attention to what we're telling you, you'll find the answers you're looking for. Or you can continue to insist it's a 29-gallon bowfront and be mystified that you can't find any information about it.
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    thank you
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