Seeding a 35litre from a 54litre, some advice please?

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    ive recently bought my 3rd tank an arcadia 35litre, for housing male only guppies in the kitchen before moving them on to new homes, i have a 165litre community tank (aquaone ar850) running smoothly, with guppies, mollies, platies, bulldog pleco and a whiptail, a 54litre (no brand, also running smoothly) divided into two with an outside the tank air driven hatchery with aprx 30 1-7day old fry(so far proving very good investment!!) and an in tank net hatchery holding male guppy and swordtail molly fry, the sexed female fry are in the main tank(54litre) with 3corydoras, with section for housing pregnant females, i haven't yet got the new tank up and running, am waiting on seachem stability, as if what it says on bottle works in practice then surely useful thing to have?(any advice on this product appreciated! have used prime in past and got good results!) i have put the new filter for the 35litre into the 54litre (which is currently running off 2 sponge filters anyway) and am planning on laying some of the gravel out of the 54litre tank over the new washed gravel in the 35litre, and adding a 3rd tank of water from 54litre to new tank to try lesser the stress on the boys? and hopefully get tank cycled much quicker? *breathes* lol does this sound ok? before i put it into practice and come stuck! lol or for once could i be heading in the right direction!! =s

    will also try update with some new pics if anyone cares to see?
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    We always love to see pictures!

    (Sorry, I can't answer your question, I couldn't get through it without caps, proper sentences, etc. You might want to change your posting style.)
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    Hello! :;hi1

    I wouldn't use a bacterial additive unless it's Tetra SafeStart. SafeStart you only add once which is the whole bottle or bottles depending on how many liters or gallons your tank is. As other bacterial additives such as Seachem Stability you dose daily for 7-days, then you add it once a month, after each water change or when adding new fish. It's not a aquatic bacteria that's why you have to keep adding it whenever you change water or add new fish. Personally I wouldn't use it. I would just do what you are going to do with the established gravel from another tank and use some filter media from an established tank if you can spare some and put in the new filter to help, as long as you have a ammonia source (forgot what you said, lol) as not to starve the bacteria.

    Best of luck with your new tank! :)
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    I agree that it would be wise to avoid a bacterial additive unless it is Tetra SafeStart. It is the only one that contains the correct bacteria. If possible, return the bottle of Stability, it will only hinder your cycle. If your other tanks have held a steady cycle for 3 months or more than you can use either to help seed your new filter. If they have not held a steady cycle for that long than I wouldn't recommend using anything from them. Assuming they are both good to use I would recommend running your new filter on your 165 for at least 2 weeks. I would prefer this one since the fish have a higher bioload in there and would mean it would need more bacteria. Also, when you remove gravel or anything that contains bacteria you can run the risk of a mini cycle in your established tank if you accidentally remove too much. Your fry are too sensitive to risk that. After the two weeks move the new filter onto your new tank and transfer some of the gravel and then either add a few fish to provide ammonia, or start a fishless cycle (which should fly with the seeded filter and gravel). I would not recommend transferring any water from your established tanks though. The bacteria you need colonizes on surfaces and is not free floating so all you would be transferring would be nitrates which is the end result of the cycle and therefore not helpful.
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    Thanks all! Will get pics up this afternoon! =) the 165 litre has crushed coral substrate, so won't use that in new tank, I will be careful to only add a small amount of gravel to the new tank. Sorry for my poor punctuation! =s think the stability will be forgotten! Lol see how I go with my plan minus the stability! 165 cleaning time! Pics up later! X