30 Gallon Tank Sedentary Guppy


Hi all,
First, I must say that I spend a lot of time reading these message boards and I have learned a ton from everyone’s experiences, so I am appreciative of the time and advice all of you give on here!

I have a Green Cobra guppy that is pretty sedentary and has been hiding for the past day or so. It seems like he is suffering through something, but I can’t quite problem solve to figure it out! I have attached a picture below. I wish I could attach a video, because He basically swims for short bits in the bottom to near-mid levels of the tank, and then retreats back to the bottom to spend approximately 80% of the time resting on the gravel or on a plant. Sometimes his swimming may look like a swim bladder swim, but it doesn’t seem like he is being pulled back to the bottom- he will turn or change direction to retreat to the bottom.

Tank background:
32.5 gallons, stocked with 4 golden danios, 2 Red Guppies and 3 Green guppies. I cycled the tank over 8 weeks with a fishless cycle before adding fish. First added the 4 Danios which have been in there approximately 2 months. The guppies have been in there approximately 2-3 weeks. Testing with API master test kit as of this morning reveals Ammonia: 0 (could be almost .25, but it seems more yellow), Nitrite: 0, Nitrates:5-10 ppm, pH: 6.8, water temp 80.2. I last changed the water with an approximate 10% water change 5 days ago.

The other fish are swimming fine, so I was curious if this is a case of swim bladder, but his belly doesn’t look very distended to me...

Another side note, about 3 days ago, I had one of the Red Guppies behaving similarly- not very active,etc; however he liked to just hang at the top of the tank near the pump intake. Now, for the past day or so, this Red Guppy is behaving like normal. I do have one danio that may possibly be bullying the other fish- he spends some time chasing fish that enter his territory near the top of the tank, but I mostly see him chasing the other danio and less often the guppies. Do you think these guppies could have some more stress due to this danio?

I’m curious as to what you guys think this might be and how I should respond?


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Unfortunately, the guppy died. I tried to feed a de-skinned pea, but it was too late. The other fish ate the pea though and thoroughly. I saw one of the danios (and another time another guppy) startle it and it swam up to the top and then drifted down to the bottom, seemingly uncontrollably where he laid on the bottom with heavy gill movement afterward.

My question is-do you think this is a disorder of his swim bladder? I immediately removed the fish within minutes of him dying, but I am hesitant to do a water change because my parameters are measuring fine and I am wondering if the last water change was stressful as the one Red Guppy was not acting right shortly after that
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Now, both of my red guppies are hiding and acting sedentary! One of them is testing on the bottom of the tank, I have attached a photo. I don’t see any clear signs of Ich. Could it be columnaris? I keep searching online to try and identify what is going on, but I am at a loss!
Tested my water parameters again this morning:
Ammonia: 0
Nitrate: somewhere between 5-10ppm
Temp: 80.2 degrees


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