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Second Opinion On Tank Seams

Discussion in 'Cleaning and Maintenance' started by JRG, Mar 9, 2019.

  1. JRGNew MemberMember

    Bought a 6 month old, gently used tank that was holding water. It's an Aqueon 65 gallon, dim: 36x18x25, glass thickness ~5/16. I've read that this particular tank could have problems leaking if not handled correctly. I've inspected the interior silicone, which looks great, and the seams of the glass. The pics show some areas of the seams that appear to have bubbles. Is this going to be a problem either now or in the near future? I planned to leak test it outside, but determined that I don't have a way to put it on a level surface. I don't want to risk damage, so I'm going to do a short leak test inside my home. I'll do a partial fill and keep adding more water over a period of time. What are your thoughts about the pics? Thanks. IMG_20190307_160308.jpgIMG_20190307_160258.jpgIMG_20190307_160222.jpgIMG_20190307_160219.jpgIMG_20190307_160056.jpg
  2. BRPWell Known MemberMember

    Had the same with a Juwel tank. It started to leak.

    The bubbles of air are exactly where the glass should be glued. It weakens the seam.

    Worst case scenario is that the seam doesn’t hold over the entire length.

  3. JRGNew MemberMember

    Seems odd that this would be found on a relatively new tank. I get that Aqueon isn't the best of brands, but I find it hard to believe they would let a product leave their facility if it was at all in sub-par condition. I bought the tank knowing that if it needed to be resealed then I would do it, but it's somewhat of a big project for me since I've never done it before. Still a decent buy at $100 including the stand and lids though.

  4. BRPWell Known MemberMember

    It indeed is strange on a relatively new product. I’m surprised there are besides mine, no other responses yet.

    Maybe it’s perfectly fine, but after my experience I would be scared to use it. Even while I realize the leak could have an different reason.

  5. jjohnwmWell Known MemberMember

    I had a 50-gallon tank that showed exactly that type of imperfection. It was purchased new in approximately 1980, was in continuous service until perhaps 1998, went into storage, lived in a several different garages and storage sheds until coming out of retirement a few years ago. It got a quick clean-up, and has held water without problems for the past several years in a friend's basement.

    It has 3/8-inch glass; it's the brand that was sold by Big Al's, which was called Aquarium Services Warehouse at the time I bought it. I think it was the AllGlass Aquarium Co.? They were cheapies, lots of them looked like this, but I never heard of or experienced a problem. Admittedly, yours has glass a wee bit thinner, but I'd bet you are okay.
  6. JRGNew MemberMember

    I thought All Glass made tanks under the Aqueon branding? Could be that their tanks are just made that way. I think the treatment in handling and overall care of the tank will ultimately decide how long it will hold water for, and I'm very strict on making sure it's level for when the time comes to fill it. The bubbles may turn out to be nothing or a ticking time-bomb. Some reviews are about leaks within the first year, but I get the feeling that it's from poor handling with a tank that has a 3ft span and a 25 inch height. I'm going to gamble it. I think what I'll do is the incremental filling over a period of time and pray it doesn't leak. Not much else I can do for now, but in the future I'll take it apart when I move into a larger home with the space to do the job well.
  7. jjohnwmWell Known MemberMember

    I never heard of Aqueon back then; maybe AllGlass is now Aqueon? No idea.

    I think you are completely correct in your ideas regarding gentle handling, and especially making sure that the tank support is 100% flat and level.
  8. Redshark1Fishlore VIPMember

    I've had a leaking old tank that I was given. This proved to be complete waste of time so I would treat with suspicion any tank free or otherwise that actually looked old.

    I would feel happier with a modern tank.

    I have a quality 1970s Juwel Aquarium which is still going strong, but the weak point seems to be the crappy MDF cupboard it stands on. I have to be careful not to spill any water as it soaks it up and deforms. The water level has changed slightly, it slopes slightly now.

    I'd advise paying attention to the stand that supports the tank. If I needed one in future I would not get one like I have.
  9. JRGNew MemberMember

    Fortunately, the tank looks pretty good for the most part. It basically looks like a new tank after I cleaned it up. Its got plastic wrap covering it in the pic because I didn't want it getting dirty outside. The stand looks pretty good too, but yes it's MDF. No deformations, but I'll be adding some structural support and primer/paint it too. I'm a little surprised that all the panels are 5/8" MDF and that it will support all the weight. IMG_20190308_172703.jpg
  10. Redshark1Fishlore VIPMember

    MDF must be the second stupidest material for making an aquarium stand, after cardboard.

    I think your plan to waterproof it is a good one but I'd still be wary of water spillages. You can dramatically reduce water spillages with good planning but there is always the good chance of an accident.

    Nice tank btw!
  11. JRGNew MemberMember

    Thanks. I would like to build a hardwood plywood stand one day, but this will do for the short run.

    Thanks everyone for your input!
  12. PageNew MemberMember

    I just got a 65 Gal Aqueon Tank and stand ensemble at Pet Smart and it leaked. Dumb me went ahead and added all my substrate, rocks and driftwood and then tested the tank with 5 Gals of water and Lo and Behold it leaked. Pet Smart is taking it back but it appears this tank size has problems according to the forum so I am going with a Marineland 75 Gal Majestic ensemble this time and will water test it first outside. Page
  13. JRGNew MemberMember

    Ouch, that's terrible! I'm thinking that the PetSmart employees might be holding them horizontally from the inside instead of 2 people holding from the bottom. Just my 2 cents. Brand new tanks shouldn't leak.
  14. PageNew MemberMember

    Well my local Pet Smart Store did not have the Marineland tank I wanted but they did have another Aqueon 65 Gal available. They added water to it and allowed it to set overnight and verified it had no leaks. I brought it home and carefully handled it by holding onto the bottom only while moving, I then checked level on stand and put 5 gals of water in it to set overnight and NO LEAKS, Pet Smart was excellent in their exchange and service. So I am off to the store to get some plants and Air Stone pump to get some CO2 into the water and start the cycle. Is there a blog on how to download pictures from cell phone to my computer and post to the forum? The videos on the Eheim Canister really helped. Thanks to all. Oledad
  15. JRGNew MemberMember

    Sounds like PetSmart really went above and beyond with their customer service. I would hold off on adding plants to the tank until it's cycled. I'm not 100% sure on that but you might want to look into it.
    Not sure what kind of phone and computer you have but try looking up connecting your specific phone with either your pc or mac, whichever you have. There are several ways to move pics to your computer. USB cable, Bluetooth, Dropbox, and other more complex ways. You could also email them to yourself and save the pics from your email to your computer, then post on the forum.
  16. PageNew MemberMember

    JRG thanks for input. I had rfead somewhere that you could plant your plant in your tank before you start the cycle. I have only put in 1 gallons of water=just enough to cover my substrate. As for my pictures I am going to fall back on my Niece for help. Working on my EHEIM Classic 350 filter. As others have noted the instructions are very difficult to follow as they are for so many different models and trying to figure out which diagrams and instruction fits your model is sort of baffling to us newbees to canister filters and the cost of these is so much you do not want to set it up and turn it on and POOF its gone!. But I will get there with the forums help. Thanks again.