Second Batch Of Bn Fry Completely Different Colour To First. Question

  1. Littlebudda

    Littlebudda Well Known Member Member

    I’ve never had this before but my first batch of fry were all very dark the same as the parents. Now my second batch are really light and I have a couple of fry that are literally half dark (head to dorsal) and pure white/see through on back half (dorsal to tail).

    Has anyone had this happen before?

    Could not get any pics of the half colour fry but here is a pic of the colour of the others.

    First batch of fry dark colour

    Second batch very light 0b5c81f8fab874effd344a0c009dacf5.jpg
  2. Savanna

    Savanna Valued Member Member

    Well, I don't know too much about breeding them, but I know that with many animals including humans, it's a random shuffle of which genes are expressed. My molly fry hardly ever look the same or close with each batch and I've only got one of each gender as the breeders.
    Do you only have two adults?
    It coulld just be genetic vomit. Not that they're bad or anything, I just mean, like, BLEH HERE'S SOME RANDOM OFFSPRING.
    I'm not helping. LOL.
    They are however really neat. I like the second batch.
  3. Aquaphobia

    Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    Cool! Any changes to food or temperature?

    THE HABITAT Well Known Member Member

    They look awesome congrats on the success of the BN breeding!! Good luck!
  5. OP

    Littlebudda Well Known Member Member

    Only one male and one female
  6. OP

    Littlebudda Well Known Member Member

    No nothing different I was even surprised they came it’s only about 3 weeks between batches
  7. OP

    Littlebudda Well Known Member Member

    Thanks they are pretty cool I will try and get some pics of the half and half colouring when they come up to the front
  8. Mcasella

    Mcasella Fishlore VIP Member

    They are likely just mutts, your common colors may throw marbles (which is what the splotched looking babies would be considered) just because they are "mutts" (though for bristlenose in the hobboy this is a misnomer, as most have been crossed to produce what we have in the hobby) you would have some weird genetics play out, this also means the parents are likely siblings or half siblings (or something similar to that, they could be father/daughter, mother/son, grandparent/grandoffsring, etc..) to produce recessive trait fry.