Searching For Info On Brachygobius Xanthomelas And Schismatogobius Ampluvinculus

Discussion in 'Freshwater Gobies' started by Beriss, Apr 18, 2017.

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    I'm looking for more info than I can find with google.
    I really would like to breed them.
    Both are suppose to be fully fresh water.

    Schismatogobius ampluvinculus - I found that they are from cool streams(69F-74F), but how much flow do they like? Currently I have 20 gallon quarantine tank setup for a group 8 juveniles that will be arriving tomorrow. It has a canister filter on it that is rated for 30 gallons. Also threw in a sponge filter to add more aeration and filtration. Also stuck a small wave make to add even more flow but wondering if that is too much. If I have some females in this group I'm going to break them down into small groups and try to figure it out. Temp I'm keeping it at now is 74 with a PH of 8 at the moment.

    Brachygobius xanthomelas - I have a few articles on these guys but nothing concrete. One person claimed to get some eggs but no fry. They had a low ph of 6.0 water and Seriously Fishy info has them 7.5-8.5. Mine are spread out in couple tanks at the moment. Small group of 6 sitting in my 125 gallon community having a ball exploring in there. It's heavily planted and they seem to congregate in the rocky area away from where there is some flow. The group I stuck in a planted 20 gallon munched on some of my orange shrimp and not the babies either. Brachygobius xanthomelas is tiny, and the biggest one I got is maybe an inch. These things had orange bellies for the first few weeks. I had to net out the remaining shrimp. I didn't realize they have big mouths for such tiny fish. The one's in my community tank with cherry shrimp seem unaffected and never seen them bother any cherry shrimp.

    Here is some pics of my Brachygobius xanthomelas, picture comparing they look to be right ID.

    Anyways, not sure if the pic links work or not.
    Any info on these guys would be greatly appreciated!
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    They aren't commonly kept fish. The Brachys can be from acid water, and have come from peat swamps, so the still water interest is consistent.

    The Schismas don't seem to have been kept a lot. Similar conditions except they should like a current. I found a French article that danced away from breeding them, so that aquarist had no luck.

    You may have to be the pioneer, and tell us. Here is a paper on one of them.
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    Thanks for the paper and response.

    I hope to breed and move them into the hobby to be more readily available.
    They both seem like really great nano fish to have.
    I will be documenting everything I can and hopefully be able to share if successful.
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    Once you get into uncharted territory for breeding desirable species, it becomes fun. Ten years ago, you would have aimed for the aquarium magazines to publish any results, but now, they are pretty well dead.
    You have to be creative to share info on fish breeding, as there are lots of beginner forums like this one, but none I have found for those who have really bitten the hook when it comes to fish breeding.
    I've never gotten into gobies, so I can't offer much other than to pass on that pdf.