Searching for a Canister.

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    Hi! I would like some help on this, considering I am not able to find a canister filter with 600gph. This is for a 90 gallon tank. I thought about going with 2 110 aquaclears, but was recommended a filter. Which one should I get, as well as a link to the item if possible.! Thanks!
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    I love my fluval 306. The ease of the shutoff and Quick disconnect make maintenance a breeze. Has lots of storage trays for customization and sponges.The 406 would be the right one for that size tank. 2 Aquaclears 110 would work good two as they are reliable HOB filters.
  4. Anders247 Fishlore Legend Member

    All I could find of that size were pond filters. Looks like you should use a 400+ gph filter.

  5. WolfaraRose Member Member

    Think I may just go with the Aquaclears, since they seem to be cheaper then a canister.
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    Good choice.
  7. matsungit Well Known Member Member

    Not true. Sunsun or Grech canisters are still the best bang for your money. They are cheap and a lot of people will agree that they are great filters. HW-304, GW-304, HW-304B, or GW-304B (B means UV sterilizer). I have the Grech GW-304B which is 525gph, has 4 trays with handles, and a 9W UV with switch. I bought it for just $90 brand new. Be prepared to buy a lot of media since this thing has huge trays.

  8. millca Member Member

    I second the SunSun canister recommendations. Check ebay for their prices and maybe also Amazon. Should beat the price of two AquaClear 110s plus be a way better filtration system for such a large tank.
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    That's the one I would get if I was you. It comes will a top handle which the 304B does not have.

  11. Dolfan Fishlore VIP Member

    For a 90 gallon I would go with 2 of the smaller Sunsun HW-302's. They are great and this gives you 2 filters to have lots of media options and 2 outputs back into the tank to keep flow good. Earlier today I saw the HW-302 for $43 on ebay including shipping. 1 HW-302 is rated for tanks up to 75 gallons (although I think that's a bit much, 50-60 would be about right) so with 2 of them you would be more then covered. I like having multiple filters in case something happens to one, you always have the other to shoulder the load while you get one fixed. You could stagger cleaning as well, so as not to disturb the bacteria colony too much. They are great filters, cheapest around, super silent, tons of media space. I'm so happy with my HW-302, does great on my 40 gallon.
  12. fengshui Member Member

    I would definitely do 2 eheim 2217s. They're high quality, a great brand, reliable and from what I've heard, the best overall. I've received 2214 a miniature version, just yesterday and with profound research and thanks to the people here, I was able to set it up with minimal frustration.
  13. WolfaraRose Member Member

    I really like the price of the Sun Sun HW-302's. Eheims are too expensive for me atm lol. Pretty sure the Sun Sun's will be my pick. Anyone know the wattage of one of them? Don't want my electric bill sky high.
  14. Dolfan Fishlore VIP Member

    The problem with those is that 1 Eheim 2217 costs around $150 so for 2 it would be $300 or so. You can get 2 of the SunSun HW-302's delivered to your house for under $90 total. They are easy to setup as well.

    I just checked the box on my SunSun HW-302 and it is listed at 18 watts.
  15. fengshui Member Member

    However sun sun is not going to be very well known and easy to replace parts.
  16. Marie1 Well Known Member Member

    Do the Sun Sun come with media? If they don't, you should factor that into the total price. The Eheim 2217 has everything you need included with it. I would get a 2217 and then a large HOB. A Emperor 400 or an Aqualclear 110. I've found you get what you pay for and it's worth spending a little more upfront.
  17. jetajockey Fishlore VIP Member

    Actually the parts for the sunsuns are not that hard to get at all via ebay, and they are generally much cheaper than parts from a big name brand. Granted, they are knockoffs, but they have a good track record. I have a 302 on my in-laws tank and as far as I know it's been flawless.

    I'd go with a canister solely because of the fact that they are quieter than HOBs (no waterfall sound if you don't keep the water topped off all the time), and you can position the tank much closer to the wall. Fiter media is not that expensive, just spend a few bucks on bonded filter pad and cut it to fit along with any kind of biomedia that you end up wanting to use.
  18. WolfaraRose Member Member

    The Sun Sun sounds like the right one for me, and yes it does come with some media.
  19. TKDennison Member Member

    I didn't spend much on filter media to fill my 303A.

    I bought the largest lava rock petsmart had, smashed it into pieces... And tossed in chunks of clay pot I had from making caves. Ordered ceramic rings on eBay. Bought a bag of pillow stuffing for 3.00. I think I MIGHT have spent 10.00 total to fill my canister...

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    Going with 2 SunSun HW-302's