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  1. Newtofish1New MemberMember

    In my continuing search for a stand for my 55 gallon I was looking at the 55 gallon stand from Aquatic Fundamentals and it's apparently only good to hold up to 550 pounds. Adding the weight of my full stand (stand, water, substrate, decor), it would come just around 550 - and not a lot of room for error. So should I be looking at their 75 gallon stand instead, which is good up to 900pounds? I would have to center the tank as the stand is wider front to back. Experiences or thoughts on this? Thanks!
  2. TanksbyTimValued MemberMember

    You can use any stand that will support the total weight of the tank with everything you plan to put in it; the stand must be level, and the entire bottom perimeter of your tank must make contact with the stand. I have found that my local Petco has some decent stands (they're pricey, but so are all stands). If you're looking for a more economical choice, which would also allow you to take full control of the stand (max weight, size, etc.), then I would suggest building one. Plenty of videos online, and it only takes an afternoon. Good luck! :)
  3. PuffPuffWell Known MemberMember

    I have saw some Steel Freestanding Shelving Unit that Lowe's sells. can hold up to 880 pounds. but its not real furniture but it will do the job and almost half the price of the stands that are sold at petco or petsmart
  4. PaulvechkinValued MemberMember

    Build your stand! YouTube aquarium stand build and it's very simple. I just built my 55G tank stand, it took 2 hours or so and the cost was about $50 for all the 2x4s, screws, and a 5'x5' sheet of 1/4 plywood. There's videos for stands up to 500G on YouTube.
  5. GregMNew MemberMember

    Hey guys,

    I have a similar issue, I have been gifted (yes gifted!) a 2000 x 600 x 700 tank which I intend to develop into a live, planted, fresh water setup.
    I have kept several "largish" tanks before but always had a steel stand. I haven't had one for a while as i've been moving around but I recently bought my own place so finally I have no limitations (apart from the wife)

    this tank has no stand but I do have a low, solid- hardwood tv cabinet (might be mahogany). the cabinet measures exactly the same dimensions as the base of the tank.

    as it is hardwood and properly made I assume that it would take the weight of my new tank when full..

    Am I totally mad ?

  6. JswinWell Known MemberMember

    That stand should be fine. a gallon of water weighs 10 lbs so 55 would be 550, but if you put 55 lbs of substrate in there you displace the water and now probably only get like 50 gallons in the tank. So unless you get really dense rocks that are very small and very heavy it should work. I have that stand I used around 100lbs of stand and 36 lbs of rock with my 55. No problems with it. Does not seem to be strained at all.

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  7. SnyperToddValued MemberMember

    Actually, a gallon of water weighs 8.35 lbs. But I agree, that stand will be fine.
  8. BluestreakflWell Known MemberMember

    I agree with building your own as well, much cheaper, much sturdier, and actual wood vs the cheap particle board you get with alot of the premade stands. I spent about $60 on supplies to make mine for my 55g, and it will easily hold double the weight thats on it. It also looks nice since I could paint it how I wanted, and Ive received alot of compliments on it.

  9. Newtofish1New MemberMember

    Thanks everyone for your replies. I have ordered the Aquatic Fundamentals stand for 75 gallons. I figured for a little more money, it will give me peace of mind and if I decide to upgrade, I'll already have a stand. I completely agree that building would have been best. However, I would not trust myself to build it but if any of you guys build and sell , let me know. I'd buy one for future tanks! :) I still have to put this one together. Let's see how it goes...
  10. ShortfuuzzeValued MemberMember

    That's what I did with the stand that I got with my 55g about 2 weeks ago.

    Used some 1/4" MDF board to wrap the frame, Diller and countersunk all self tap screws.

    The top where the tank sits, I mounted a piece of 3/4" pine (didn't want to use something that would warp)

    I finished it off with a mahogany stain and did some moulding around the edges(thought I had a pic, at work now and can't take one) and down the corners.

    I'm going to building the cabinet doors this weekend and attach each with 2 small Gothic style hinges.

    The 2 cutouts in the back are for power wites/airtubes and the other is for cannister filter tubes.

    I'm quite pleased how it turned out!

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