First of all I don't know if this is the proper place but it seems close. I am bouncing all over the place with deciding what my next tank will be and am wondering about seahorses. Also being a highschool student and volunteer firefighter my budget is tight. That being said I am about to start working a "real" summer if firefighting is not a real job :/ So I will have some cash to start a new tank soon. Yay!

So for starters I found this tank and am wondering how well it would work for two seahorses of some sort:

Keep in mind I know nothing about them and am just pitching around some ideas.
Well this is not the exact one that I saw in store but it's similar. The one I saw in store is rectangular, not hexagonal.


's a good article I read recently. I talked to my friend at our LFS here about some sea horses they had and he said they were looking to get rid of them ASAP because it would only take live foods and was draining any profits they could make on it, so it might be a little pricey to keep. James Cochran might have some helpful information on them as well.

Claire Bear

HI and welcome!
Seahorses are awesome and let me just say, saltwater rocks but does require good maintenance.
I have a seahorse tank. The recommended size for the heartier H. erectus is a minimum of 30 gallons for the first pair. The height needs to be x's 3 of their average 6 inch height.
There are dwarf seahorses that can be housed in a small tank but they require live food. The H. erectus that are captive bred and raised (the only ones I recommend) will eat frozen Mysis shrimp that has had appropriate vitamins added.
Here is a link with information about saltwater setups.
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claireputput thanks for the advice on the breed. That's the big thing is I had no clue what type would be best to start with. I'm going to check out the tank at my local petco and see how tall it is next time I am in. I already keep a reef tank so I know the basics, now looking for the next step so thanks for the thought. And I read a majority of the e-book and continue to read it from time to time. Also I saw a thread of yours the other day that really caught my attention with the idea of keeping seahorses so that's pretty awesome that you respond here. JustinSain Thanks for that article I have already learned a few things from the little skI'm that I did.

James Cochran

You could start with 5-10drawf sea horses in there. Once they breed there will need to be more room but a 15 gallon should be good for awhile.

I have trained many to accept frozen and some even pellet. Its all about food recognition to these animals

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