Seahorse Tank Ammonia And Nitrite Shown Up


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I have a 30 gallon tank with three seahorses, mandarin goby, 2 turbo snails, 2 nassarius snails , 2 margarita snails, 2 hermit crabs, and two cleaner shrimps. I also had a diamond goby in there, but he passed away this morning. I believe it would be from starvation because the seahorses and cleaner shrimps would basically eat everything although I would put food close to him. He was never active since I got him(which would be two and a half months ago) and would never sift the sand bed. Before he passed my ammonia was 0 nitrite 0 nitrate 40, and ph 8.1. I checked it this morning and my ammonia was at .25 nitrite .25 and nitrate off the charts then I seen him under some rocks not moving or breathing. I know a water change would be necessary for this, however the fish store I would go to for saltwater said that they cant make any until tomorrow. Well tomorrow I cannot do a water change since I will be out of town. My question is would my tank be fine until Saturday? I also have prime I can apply to my tank?


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I have no experience with seahorses, but they are known to be sensitive, so I'd think it best to use Prime. You have removed the remains of the goby, yes? Knowing the sensitivity of seahorses and how much they and the mandarin need to eat, I am a bit nervous about the water change waiting for the weekend. You can only do your best though, and I'm sorry to say it, but you should probably look at this as a lesson learned. Keeping spare water at home in the future will ease your mind in emergency situations such as this.

A regular water change, or even a bit more than normal, will probably not put much of a dent in your nitrates. I'd suggest getting extra water when you get to the store so you can be prepared to do some extra changes over a few days to get your nitrates down. Hopefully, your cycle will soon catch up with the ammonia and nitrites, and those levels should not continue to build if you've cleaned up the remains.

Good luck!


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Hopefully you’ve been able to do that water change!

If you’ve got H. erectus, reidi, or even a captive-bred kuda, they’re a little more tolerable to conditions (albeit, theyll tolerate it about as much as the mandarin). You can keep the nitrates down as well during the mini cycle by target feeding the ponies (if you aren’t already) and introducing more macros (or even an algae scrubber), especially during a mini-cycle!
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