Seachem - why all the hype?

Discussion in 'Water Conditioners and Supplements' started by Brizburk, Jun 8, 2016.

  1. Brizburk

    BrizburkWell Known MemberMember

    It seems 99.999% of fishlore-ers recommend seachem products over anything else. Can you explain why you like it?

    I was using prime but the odor made me sick to my stomach, so I switched to API. So far I've been happy with API products. But I feel I could use some product education ....

    So, API vs Seachem - educate me -
  2. rabbottNew MemberMember

    Most of the API and Seachem products are very similar in ingredients and uses. The main difference is that API product tend to be watered down so they require a larger dose. I think that for small to medium tanks the API products can work just as well. I use API leaf zone and recently ordered API co2 booster.
  3. el337

    el337Fishlore LegendMember

    Seachem Prime also detoxifies ammonia and nitrite. The API doesn't so if you were going to detox the ammo/nitrite, you'd have to use a separate ammo lock additive. Also, Seachem Prime is more concentrated so you get more out of one dosage than most other conditioners.

    API Leaf Zone contains potassium and iron only. Flourish Comp contains all the micro nutrients plus a little of the macros.

  4. moonraingirl

    moonraingirlValued MemberMember

    I believe that the products are very good and I don't want to underestimate them. But I want confess why I bought Prime. It was because everyone on the forum recommends it and I wanted to fit in. So I guess that for some people it may be a question of social pressure. If you are a newbie and older members tell you this is the best you will trust them. And than you will recommend it to others. And you will not feel free to criticise it and go against the majority. I've noticed that each forum, whatever the main topic may be, had some kind of "dogma" shared by most members.
    Again. This is not to criticise Seachem, it's just what I think may be happening in some cases.

  5. Mothercrow

    MothercrowWell Known MemberMember

    Well, I am a newbie, and Seachem was recommended to me on multiple forums, and I have no experience with API water consitioner. But it wasn't peer pressure that caused me to choose Seachem. Prime helps detoxify ammonia and nitrites, that was enough for me. Any little thing I can do to help improve the lives of my fish makes me happy.
  6. OP

    BrizburkWell Known MemberMember

    Thank you for sharing. I'm not swayed by peer pressure, I'm swayed by education.

    I'd love to hear from more people!
  7. KyleMarie

    KyleMarieValued MemberMember

    I'm really new at all of this fish-keeping stuff, and so I wanted to get products that would do the most for my buck. I originally bought an API water conditioner because it was really cheap in the store, but it doesn't do nearly as much as my Seachem Prime does. And, since I was just given my first fish out of the blue, I had to do fish-in cycling, so I liked the idea that my product could detoxify as many things as possible, and the only one I have found to do that through tons of research is Seachem Prime.

    I also love Seachem because of their other product Stability. I was originally using Tetra Safe Start ( I think that's what the beneficial bacteria product is called), and I was completely uncomfortable with the idea that I couldn't do water changes or test the water accurately for a week. But, with Stability you really get the flexibility to make sure your fish are getting their water taken care of.

    So, overall, I personally think that Prime products give more ease-of-mind. Especially since I'm a newbie and every little thing about my fish gets me worried. So, Seachem offers products that I know work and do a great amount to ensure that my fish are healthy and happy.
  8. Lchi87

    Lchi87ModeratorModerator Member

    I also started out with API products too and eventually switched over to Seachem for all of the reasons listed in the posts above. What I liked most was that it had multiple benefits and kept the number of additives I was using for my tank to a minimum. Rather than having to dose a dechlorinator, ammo-lock, and something for the heavy metals separately, Prime does all of that with a few drops.
  9. tyguy7760

    tyguy7760Fishlore VIPMember

    Same as many above. I started out using api stress coat. It's a great product. Much cheaper than prime (bottle vs bottle) and it even comes with a little measuring cap thing on top which is very handy and honestly easier to use than the prime bottle cap. It also removes the chlorine and heavy metals like prime.

    However, due to peer pressure and many suggestions to switch to prime, i went ahead. The main benefits to prime vs api stress coat is that a bottle goes 4 to 5 times longer than the api stress coat. You only really need very little of it to prime your tank vs the stress coat. Also, as already mentioned, the will detoxify the ammonia and nitrite in your tank as long as it's not too high. (and even if it is you can overdose it to take care of it).

    The only benefit that api stress coat has over prime is that it has aloe vera in it and is advertised to help with fish stress and healing damaged fins. Whether or not that is a gimmick is anyone's guess.
  10. jpm995Well Known MemberMember

    I've been out of the hobby the past 3 years, but trust my lfs, know those guys for 20+ years. They recommended Stability and prime when i cycled my new tank, it worked ok so i would pass along their recommendation. Nothing bad to say about API, i just haven't used it.
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2016
  11. OP

    BrizburkWell Known MemberMember

    Doesn't seem there's anything bad about Seachem or API. Would you consider these two to be the best in aquarium keeping products?

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