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Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by Bizarro252, Apr 13, 2017.

  1. Bizarro252Well Known MemberMember

    Has anyone tried using this? From what I can tell it is a powdered concentrate of Prime. I have some and use it when recharging Purigen, but cant bring myself to trust it to use directly into my tanks...

    When mixed it does not have that sulfur smell that prime does, wondering if anyone knows if that is normal or expected.

    If not I will contact Seachem and post back results :D

  2. DiscusluvWell Known MemberMember

    I use it exclusively, have been for several years. It is reliable and cheaper than Prime. No need for concern.

  3. Bizarro252Well Known MemberMember

    Thanks :) Does yours have a smell to it, like prime does? I mixed up a 500ml bottles worth and I think that worked out to a little over 4 teaspoons of safe, does that sound correct? I basically was trying to replicate the dosage to mix up a bottle of standard strength prime.

  4. DiscusluvWell Known MemberMember

    The smell... cant remember the smell of Prime to compare it to Safe. It (Safe) has a strong scent if you stick your nose up to the canister, but has very little if no smell when added to water. Your mixture sounds correct, yes. If the safe is not expired, you are ready to go!
  5. Bizarro252Well Known MemberMember

    Thanks, makes me feel better, I noticed the powder has a smell very similar to prime but once I added it to the water it basically smells like nothing. Prime has a VERY strong smell, similar to the powder but stronger.

    Thank you!
  6. bgclarkeWell Known MemberMember

    Seachem recommends only mixing as much as you need, since there aren't any stabilizers in the home mixed version to keep it in liquid form.
    I'd assume shaking a premixed bottle would solve that though.
  7. Bizarro252Well Known MemberMember

    Ah good point, I had read that you should always shake the home mixed version prior to using because it can settle out, didnt know it had to do with lack of stabilizers however. I always shake it before using it but a good point for me to remember and others reading this later :) Thanks!

    I emailed Seachem right after I posted my OP anyways and I got back a reply already! Some of the info may be useful to you (especially the part about it losing effectivness after 48 hours!) so tagging you!
    I don't fully understand what they mean by it being different than prime, when they go on to say it does basically the same thing (I dont see anything about heavy metals, but sounds basically the same...) I will ask for clarification and post it here.

    Hi there!
    I have been using Prime for year, and am very used to it having a strong odor. If I understand your 'safe' product correctly its basically a powdered concentrate version of prime.

    The powder itself seems to have a similar smell but when I added it to water (distilled water) and shook it up it doesnt really have a smell at all. Just wondering if this is normal?

    Also, for mixing, I dont remember exactly what my calculation came out to, but it was just over 4 teaspoons for 500 ml of water, does that sound about right (to mix up a concentration similar to standard strength Prime)

    Thank you!

    Seachem Support 102086 (Seachem Laboratories)

    Apr 13, 15:46 ADT

    Thank you for your email. Safe is actually a different conditioner. It has some of the same functions, but not all the same functions. Safe will not function like Prime and it cannot be mixed with water for later use. Once mixed into water, it needs to be used within a 48 hours period to remain effective.

    For dosing: For every 50 gallons you will use 200mg of Safe so that is 0.25mg per gallon of water for the base dose. This standard dose (100 mg/100 L of water) will remove 1 mg/L (ppm) of chloramine, 1.4 mg/L (ppm) of chlorine and 0.33 mg/L (ppm) of ammonia.

    To use this properly in a tank environment, you will want to know the exact level of chlorine and chloramine in your tap water to ensure that you are fully neutralizing the level of your tap water.

    You can use the following formula to figure out the appropriate dosage for your tank based on chlorine and chloramine levels:

    A general formula that should help to determine the amount to use in mg for a given chloramine level is

    x = L*c where x = amount to use in mg, L = volume of water (tank volume if added to tank, or source volume if water change water), c = chloramine level in mg/L (ppm). So a 500 L tank with 2.5 mg/L of chloramine would require 500 * 2.5 = 1,250 mg or 1.25 g of Safe, for gallons the formula is

    x = 4*G*c (where G = gallons and 4 is a constant)

    for chlorine it would be

    x = 0.7*L*n where x = amount to use in mg, L = volume of water (tank volume if added to tank, or source volume if water change water). n = chlorine level in mg/L (ppm). So a 500 L tank with 2.5 mg/L of chlorine would require 500 * 2.5 * 0.7 = 875 mg, for gallons the formula is

    x = 2.8*G*n (where G=gallons and 2.8 is a constant)

    for ammonia it would be

    x = 3*L*a where x = amount to use in mg, L = volume of water (tank volume if added to tank, or source volume if water change water). a = ammonia level in mg/L (ppm). So a 500 L tank with 2.5 mg/L of ammonia would require 500 * 2.5 * 3 = 3750 or 3.75 g for gallons the formula is

    x = 12*G*n (where G=gallons and 12 is a constant)

    For accurate dosing of Safe, I would recommend using the Digital Spoon Scale:


    I hope this helps!

    Product Support 102086
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  8. el337Fishlore LegendMember

    Safe doesn't remove heavy metals like Prime does.
  9. DiscusluvWell Known MemberMember

    Interesting- thank you

    I have a sixty gallon aquarium and always use a scant 1/4 tsp with each water change. Which I do 50-75% every other day as I have growing discus. My ph flux in 24 hours is minimal so I do straight tap with Safe. This appears to work excellently..

    I wonder if heavy metals would only be a concern for those who have well water? Municipal water being less prone to heavy metals?
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  10. FishbeardValued MemberMember

    I use Safe, and I sprinkle a small amount directly to my tank when I do a water change (10g and 20g). Not very scientific, but hasn't failed me yet! Started doing this after seeing Steenfott Aquatics do it... really simplifies my water change!

    Never had trouble with heavy metals... or any ill-effects at least...
  11. Bizarro252Well Known MemberMember

    I would bet their are heavy metals in city water as well, but probably in the parts per billion due to EPA restrictions. You are probably right, more for well water sources.

    Good to know you mix it directly into your tank since it sounds like it doesnt last! Good thing I only use it for purigen regeneration (that I just tried for the first time this weekend since I am sick of buying it every few months lol) and I could smell the bleach if it was not working. Whew :p
  12. DiscusluvWell Known MemberMember

    Thanks for putting doubt in my head now I'm thinking I better go back to prime...darn it!
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  13. el337Fishlore LegendMember

    Possibly though I guess it's nice to have all your bases covered just to be safe.
  14. Bizarro252Well Known MemberMember

    LOL waiting on a reply from Seachem to confirm, but I am betting @el337 is right about that. However, I am not sure what levels would be harmful, I would think that the water in their natural habitat has SOME heavy metals in it to, there is groundwater in there too :p
  15. el337Fishlore LegendMember

    I also recall a member who had copper pipes that caused issues in her tank with snails. So even if your water source isn't the issue, the pipes might be?
  16. bgclarkeWell Known MemberMember

    Safe also does not help with fishes slime coat.

    Don't most modernish homes have copper pipes anyway?
    Our place is just over 20 years old and all the pipes are copper.
  17. Bizarro252Well Known MemberMember

    Now that you mention it, the hoses running to my water heater are copper...not sure about the other pipes in the house was built in 04.
  18. DiscusluvWell Known MemberMember

    Ok... just ordered a big jug of Prime from Amazon... da-n that stuff is expensive. But I have a huge chunk of money in this tank so, like you have all made clear, better safe than sorry.
  19. Bizarro252Well Known MemberMember

    I dont know why I buy it 500ml at a time, maybe just to fool myself that its not that expensive... How big is your tank? :p

    Glad I decided to post this question :p
  20. DiscusluvWell Known MemberMember

    I have a sixty and a 29, but I change large volumes of water in sixty a week. It's cheaper to buy other Prime in larger quantity.

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