Seachem Prime: Disappeared?

  1. SW5 Well Known Member Member


    Recently, I started running low on prime, so I decided I needed to buy more. I went to the LFS that normally has in stock for a price lower than any other I have seen. There was none there, so I moved on to a petco that always has it. It was gone there too. I kept looking but it would seem no one has any right now. What in the world happened to it? Is there a shortage of prime?
    I wouldn't think so. This morning I realized my bottle was empty, and I was forced to use tetra aqua safe. I just cannot figure out what would have happened to it all of a sudden, anyone know what happened?
  2. Jim Well Known Member Member

    Heretic--using Tetra!!1 :), try with shipping it's still cheaper than LFS.

  3. SW5 Well Known Member Member

    Yeah, online is an option, but I prefer a LFS, I think I might have to order online, though.
  4. jetajockey Fishlore VIP Member

    Look into seachem safe if you end up sticking with Prime. If you ever want to jump ship, look into sodium thiosulfate, it's pennies on the dollar compared to any shelf dechlorinator.

  5. EricV Fishlore VIP Member

  6. jetajockey Fishlore VIP Member

    It does break down chloramines, just like any other conditioner. Sodium thiosulfate is the most commonly used chemical in the different brand water conditioners.

    There is no water conditioner that removes the ammonia portion, there are a few that simply bind it temporarily. If someone has a ridiculously high chloramine (or ammonia) content in their water then it would be good to use a conditioner that does that. However in most cases the ammonia level brought in by a broken chloramine bond is not enough to warrant any further action in an established fish tank.
  7. SW5 Well Known Member Member

    I think I solved the mystery, I went to petco to check again, and found it! It is in a different style of packaging. I wonder if there was a break in production when they were switching the packaging styles, anyway, I found, and bought some.

  8. Archie1208 Member Member

    Good stuff

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