Seachem Fluorite gravel vs Fluorite sand?


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Hello all,

I am going to pick up some seachem Fluorite for my new planted tank project tomorrow.
Ive seen some review for the gravel version of people having plants pop out of the fluorite.
Has anyone used either? What are the advantages/disadvantages of the Seachem Fluorite vs the Seachem Fluorite Sand besides the slight price difference?


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The differance between the 2 is basically the same differance between any other gravel vs.sand.It can be a bit harder to plant in gravel but I cant say I've seen any properly planted plants coming loose from flourite gravel.


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I have experiences with both. My first tank was regular seachem fluorite(looks kinda red). After about 2 years I couldnt stand the reddish look anymore and decided to switch out my substrate. I am dedicated to keeping corydoras and decided to look into sand substrate. I found seachem fluorite black sand and after reading many reveiws decided to go with that. I would say the main difference between the two is how you do tank maintenance. With sand you don't vaccum it directly or it will get sucked up in the gravel vac so instead you just suck debris off the top layer of sand. Another difference is seachem sand is easier to plant in, especially stem plants. Both are great products especially considering they never need to be replaced. If you ever plan on keeping corydoras I would really consider the sand, otherwise just pick what ever one looks best to you.

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