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Just wondering what everybody's experience with seachem fluorite are? How does it compare to other mainstream substrates?

For me, it's good enough. Plants grow in it. However it is a little pricey for what it does. I also have cosmetic silica sand and plants grow in there just as well (as far as I can tell). In fact, dwarf hairgrass grows better in silica sand than in fluorite sand!! I don't know what the meaning of this is lol but can't help but feel a little scammed.

I understand that flourite does not have any nutrition in it, but it is advertised to retain nutrients from fertilizers for longer. How well that works, I feel is questionable.
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I went with ecocomplete and I’m happy with it. I read it helps with bacteria growth and releases minerals and nutrients into the water. My plants are growing much better in my 75 with ecocomplete than my 20 with regular sand.
No experience with fluorite sorry.
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