Seachem Flourite Black And Cory Cats?



I have my 55gal set up with (amazon link for reference, not the sand kind, the bigger chunkier substrate). When I was washing it it seemed hard and I noticed a few jagged edges. Now laying at the bottom of the tank it doesn't look sharp, my danios like to poke around in it, doesn't seem to scare them.

My question is would cories be ok on a substrate like this?

From googling I seem to be seeing mixed results, some say it's 100% not an issue, and some say it's not an issue if you have the SAND version.

Would love to hear some opinions and especially if anyone has experience with that substrate and keeping cories.

Thank you!


Next time you do a water change run your hand through the substrate to see if it scratches or feels sharp. The corys will likely dig more than your danios so I wouldnt base the safeness of you substrate on that. Personally though I have no experience with that substrate and use BDBS as my substrate. Additionally, I believe Cory's prefer sand as they will shift through it easier.


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Alright, thank you. I guess I will try some amano shrimp as a bottom dweller since i'm not 100% sure on the cories yet


Look at pool filter sand. Very cheap for 50lbs. Great for cories. Go ahead and buy some. Look at the white sand. That's pool filter sand.


Yeahhhh PFS PFS PFS !

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