Seachem Flourish Raising Nitrates?

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    CPARKTX Member Member

    I have been running 0/0/0 for a month with no deviation. After two weeks of dosing a half dose (half of recommended dose for 20g tank) of Seachem Flourish Comprehensive, Nitrates have jumped to 5ppm and stayed there a week (ammonia and nitrites are still 0/0). Nothing else in my tank setup has changed other than adding the Flourish, though I didn't think it had much nitrogen in it. Is it responsible? And is 5ppm an okay level to run with? (I have a moderately planted tank).
  2. Culprit

    Culprit Fishlore VIP Member

    5ppm is just fine, in fact most people would LOVE to have 5 ppm of nitrates. You must have lots of nitrate devouring plants and light stocking. If your really worried about it just do a water change.

    Flourish shouldn't affect that, since its more for a low tech tank, which means mostly micros with only very small amounts of macros. Its not the flourish, mabye try gravel vacumming or cleaning your filter? (When cleaning your filter don't replace the media. Just swish it around in old tank water, then set it in the tank while you take apart and scrub your filter)