Sea Horses...Can u SEE me now??????

Discussion in 'Saltwater Fish and Tank Photos' started by lorabell, Mar 18, 2010.

  1. l

    lorabell Well Known Member Member

    Just a small update......I thought is was very cool how my biggest male was trying to blend in during feeding time last night....the last pic is my big boy with one of his tankmates (another male)

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  2. Tigerlily

    Tigerlily Well Known Member Member

    Fascinating creatures... they look as if they are doing well. Love the pics!
  3. OP

    lorabell Well Known Member Member

    can u see me now

    more pics!!!!

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  4. Chris123

    Chris123 Well Known Member Member

    They are Gourgous!

    What kind of setup is that?

    Last edited: Mar 18, 2010
  5. Tana

    Tana Valued Member Member

    Wow, he sure did blend in! They are so amazing..
  6. LyndaB

    LyndaB Fishlore Legend Member

    That is so amazingly cool!!!! :;perfect
  7. bolivianbaby

    bolivianbaby Fishlore Legend Member

    That's awesome! So glad they're still doing well for you.:;hug2
  8. Butterfly

    Butterfly Moderator Moderator Member

    They are just amazing! Thanks for sharing them with us :)
  9. Robin4

    Robin4 Valued Member Member

    Wow - He did a good job of hiding.... They are so beautiful! How do you get stuff done when you have them to look at all day??? lol

  10. Aquarist

    Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member

    Hello Lori!

    I'm so happy the sea horses are doing well. I hope you and hubby are too. Beautiful!!!!
  11. HOWsMom

    HOWsMom Well Known Member Member

    They are amazing - he sure did a wonderful job at blending in.
  12. Red1313

    Red1313 Fishlore VIP Member

    Haha Sweet!
  13. cm11599ps

    cm11599ps Well Known Member Member

    I've never done SW but was thinking about it, and if I did it might be a seahorse tank. Is it something that is REALLY difficult? What size tank do you need? Say a 30 gallon tank, is that OK for them and how many would be OK?
  14. OP

    lorabell Well Known Member Member

    Thanks everyone!!!!!! It is very hard to get things done...I sit with them while trying to relax and watch tv at night.....I find myself staring at them for hours on end...unfortuneatly longer than most of the other tanks.....I miss all the good did have a few issues with the tank in the beginning,and recently had a major slime issue( the horses do not like a strong flow...but hopefully I have gotten ahead of all that now....),I do take a very long time feeding them...I spread it out over a few hours in the evening, They r in a tall 38 gallon that a friend found for me at a yard sale( 5$) of the century...theyre tank is on my nightstands next to my bed....actually I have had less issues with them (thankfully) than my 20 gal fowlr....and I really pray it stays that way!!!!! Thanks for looking everyone!!!!!!
  15. v

    vict0r Valued Member Member

    haha, hes like you cant see me......oh wait i guess you can your pointing that camera at me again.... :p
  16. f

    fishchick Valued Member Member

    those are great sea horses , what do u feed them ?
  17. k

    kloseo Well Known Member Member

    wow beautiful
  18. j

    justahobby New Member Member

    i love seahorses!!!
  19. Kunsthure

    Kunsthure Well Known Member Member

    That's it, I want sea horses now! Where can you buy them? Are they hard to keep?

  20. mktany

    mktany New Member Member

    I absolutely love sea horses and love these pics! That first pic I almost couldn't find him lol.

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