Screw In Light Fixtures


Let's have a lighting discussion for those of us who still have the old screw-in type of light fixtures for our tanks.

With CFLs slowly going out of use and LEDs increasing in use, which options would be best to grow plants with? Recently Amazon stopped stocking the GE Lighting 14-Watt 900-Lumen T3 Spiral Light Bulb 6500k CFL I was using on my smaller tanks with. None of the LEDs I've looked at have impressed me enough.

So now I'm wondering what your solutions with this is. Replacing a perfectly fine fixture is not an option for me. That would just be a waste.


There is hundreds of other brands of CFL bulbs. Most work the same, I use the phillips brand from home depot but it’s sold on amazon too. If you want to keep using cfl bulbs go for it.


HI zeez ive replaced my jwuel lights to led I was fed up paying upwards of£20 each year because the the lights start to die, I think it's to do with the gas, anyway ill put a couple of pictures on of the led I use and what it dose for the plants, I don't think it will be long before your bulbs are no longer available, I don't think they are available in the UK now anyway, its a pitty people like you will have to suffer the expense to upgrade through no fault of yours, I also think led shows the colours in your tank better and have a long life . The tank as only one led running and I have to trI'm plants on a regular basis

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