Scrawny fish

  1. Chris99 Well Known Member Member

    I have had 14 skirt tetras for 6+ weeks. Some are bigger than others but they are all plump and growing except one. I hadn't really noticed one of the glofish tetras hasn't seemed to grow at all and seems a little skinny. There are no other signs of disease. He does eat but not much at a time. I tried catching him to put him in the qt tank but he can still swim very fast. I didn't want to stress him or the other fish so I've given up for now.

    They are in a 75 g tank and it is cycled, 0,0,10 with pH around 7.5 and temp 78. I'm thinking it could be genetic since I'm guessing glofish probably have a limited gene pool but want to rule out any other disease (TB, parasites, etc).
  2. Watermark Member Member

    Do the others pick on him? Could be he is merely the 'runt' so to speak. He just may not get the food as fast as the others. Good sign that he can eat SOME and really good that he's active enough to avoid the net. ;)
  3. Chris99 Well Known Member Member

    No picking that I've seen. I was thinking the same thing about being the runt. I'll keep an eye on him and see if anything changes.

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  4. Watermark Member Member

    I have 7 whiteskirt glofish too. I got them all at the same time about a year ago. One is about the size of a silver dollar coin and one is about the size of a cardinal tetra; doesn't even have the diamond shape. No one picks on him but he stays on the opposite side of the tank as the others until dinner time, where he seems to eat just fine. ;)
  5. Chris99 Well Known Member Member

    Glad to hear mine isn't the only runt. I isolated him in a 10 gallon just to watch him eat. He does he is just slow and only gets 1 or 2 flakes. I think he'll just be a little guy.